Riot Devs Go In Depth On Changes To Income System In Teamfight Tactics

Riot Devs Go In Depth On Changes To Income System In Teamfight Tactics
Credit: League of Legends via Youtube

Teamfight Tactics has rapidly grown in popularity since its addition to League of Legends. The autobattler is technically still in its beta, but Riot has been adding to it on a consistent schedule since its conception.

A new update is arriving soon, titled the Galaxies Update. This new update is expected to bring plenty of new cosmetics as well as a complete rework of multiple features, including the carousel and the economy system.

The economy system is what we’re here to discuss today. If you’ve played a good amount of Teamfight Tactics, you’ve likely run into a bit of an inflation of economy and the ways that players can game the system. It isn’t quite “abuse” as it’s using the mechanics perfectly fine, but the common dominant strategies that have made up the economy’s meta are far from what Riot intended – or so they state in their developer update.

“For most of Rise of the Elements, there has just been too much gold in the system,” they write. “Your first and second shops were basically no decision (you just buy everything) and it was possible to hit 30 gold before the first PvP round. We’re going to be tonight that down a lot.”

Working by stage, the passive income is going to be switched a bit to scale a bit more steadily and also begin it’s scaling a bit later. As of now, the gold-per-match goes by 1-2-5-4-5-5, as Riot lays it out, meaning that the end of battle rewards the player with an amount of gold corresponding to what stage of play you’re in. They intend to switch the gold-per-match to 0-2-2-3-4-5-5, working thusly.

It’ll be difficult to go the whole first round with no passive income, but far from insurmountable. Gold and Champions Medium boxes also won’t drop in the first two PvE rounds.

Streak breakpoints are being altered to give a bit more gold sooner as well, making it more effective to aim for winning rather than simply choosing to lose to boost their economy. Streak gold is also going to be paid in PvE rounds to support a strong streak.

As a final change, Riot is removing the ability to sell carousel champions at the carousel stage, which allowed players to hit a higher gold breakpoint than intended. With this change, they hope to even the playing field a little bit. The language they use describes the tactic almost as an exploit.

The changes to the economy are far from the only ones coming, so keep your eyes out for the upcoming Galaxies update!