RimWorld Receives A New Update That Ensures Friendlies Will Stop Crashing Through Our Roofs

RimWorld Receives A New Update That Ensures Friendlies Will Stop Crashing Through Our Roofs
Credit: Tynan Sylvester via YouTube

There’s a sneaking suspicion that Ludeon Studios is merely addicted to incremental development, after the years of development on the base game.  Originally a successful Kickstarter back in 2013 that finally launched on Steam via the Early Access program on July 15, 2016, Ludeon Studios has been hard at work since pushing out monthly fixes and mechanics that diversify and complement the colony simulator’s bizarre take on survival and relationships during a time of crisis and general havoc.

The most recent push of patch 1.1, along with the surprise DLC of RimWorld Royalty, has proven more than fit to give Ludeon the task that they apparently desire.  There has admittedly been some rough around the fringe with the new content, and there have been sixteen incremental patches since released to alleviate some of the growing pains for the title.

The most recent release a few hours ago, officially titled as ‘Update 1.1.2589’.  Such creative naming over there at Ludeon.  The unassuming name is actually hiding a fix for a pet peeve of many players, along with a new mechanic; they operate in tandem with each other.

The newest update sees a landing beacon that can be built in the form of a rectangle; both incoming and outbound shuttles will use the shuttle landing pad, including Imperial visitors. This means that the High Stellarch will no longer be using a drop pod to bestow gifts of virtue upon noble pawns; he’ll use the shuttle like royalty ought to.  Bear in mind that this is only for newly generated quests, however; if you’re operating a save game where the High Stellarch is soon to arrive, he’ll drop in a drop pod; this was done to ensure save-game compatibility.

A quick note in regards to compatibility; this incremental update does break one mod that Ludeon is aware of, called ModSwitch; they’ve attempted to contact the developer of the mod in advance, but the attempts have been fruitless.  If you have this mod downloaded, it will automatically disable.

Along with the landing beacon, comes the fix that ensures that allies no longer drop through our roof when they land.  It’s been an absolute heartache to realize that all of your colonists have severe radiation poisoning due to a large hole in your roof caused by previously erroneous navigation systems that you were too busy to fix at the time. In typical RimWorld fashion, this isn’t all that the update contains.

Along with a slew of fixes comes other general improvements, ranging from the ability to delete historical quests (quests that have already expired), mood bubbles not being shown for invaders, and a UI scaling check when the game first boots up. Wonder what they’ll be working on next.