Rick’s Entire Moveset, Including Portals, Is Revealed By Multiverse

Rick’s Entire Moveset, Including Portals, Is Revealed By Multiverse
Credit: variety

Because Rick can now be played in MultiVersus, it is time to get into your spaceships and your portal cannons. In honor of the occasion, the game’s creator, Player First, has published an in-depth gameplay clip on the game’s official website, in which some of Rick’s maneuvers are demonstrated alongside some of the references to the show that have been included in them.

Because Rick is considered a Mage, most of his most powerful attacks contain some ranged component. For instance, a significant portion of Rick’s moves requires you to utilize Mr. Meseeks to the best of your ability. You can instruct him to charge up a powerful attack with a golf club, make him flail his arms at adversaries to knock them back, and even use him as a recovery to glide back onto the stage.

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Other types of ranged assaults that Rick has access to include his reliable blaster, which is your default attack, and a set of portals that you may use to knock enemies through to help chain combos together. Rick’s polymorph ability may also be utilized to transform other characters, and he can use a Mega Seed to attack foes above him, thereby silencing them in the process. Rick can also use his power to convert characters to attack other players. You can jump directly into a match and play as Rick right now, and his moveset contains several other subtle references, as is the case with the movesets of most characters.

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As for what else the most recent patch for MultiVersus brought along with Rick, in addition to all of the regular buffs and nerfs, we also received a tweak to the game’s XP system. Player First has indicated that it wants a player’s expertise in conquering a hero to seem like a bit more of a journey. Thus it has been decided to make it take twice as long to rank up a character.