Respawn Entertainment Has Banned Around 770,000 Cheaters; Still Trying To Make Apex Legends Better

Respawn Entertainment Has Banned Around 770,000 Cheaters; Still Trying To Make Apex Legends Better
Credit: BagoGames via Flickr (license)

When Apex Legends first came out, it was doing all kinds of record-breaking numbers on Twitch. This battle royale seemed like it couldn’t be stopped, even giving Fortnite a run for its money.

Although the game doesn’t have as many active users as it did when it first launched, it’s still a great battle royale game. It’s completely free on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The developers of Apex Legends — Respawn Entertainment — really knew what they were doing when designing this game.

They’re not content with resting on their laurels, either. They’re still trying to make the game better in every way, especially when it comes to cheating. Like any other online game, there are always users trying to game the system in efforts of gaining a superior edge. They make any game frustrating, especially if you care about rankings.

These efforts have not gone unnoticed, thankfully. Since the initial release of Apex Legends back in February, Respawn has banned around 770,000 players. That’s quite a large list that doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.

Respawn describes cheaters as a constant battle. Every day, concerted efforts are made to keep the servers full of integrity. This ultimately gives other users a better experience. They don’t have to worry about battling users who’re seemingly invincible or have some type of unfair mod that can’t be bypassed.

Although their cheat detection efforts are clearly working, Respawn is still developing their security practices at this very moment. They haven’t revealed their exact tactics though, as they don’t want cheaters catching wind of their security measures and then bypassing them somehow.

If you’ve held out playing Apex Legends, now’s a really good time to jump in. Updates are becoming more regular and the bugs are not as glaring. With the servers being free of more and more cheaters, users can look forward to pleasurable, competitive experiences on a consistent basis.

It will be interesting to see what new developments the game gets these next couple of months. Respawn is holding off on a Titanfall 3 game in efforts of making Apex Legends better. This has upset many fans of the series, but if you enjoy battle royale, this is great news.

Hopefully, Respawn can figure out a way to satisfy every fanbase, where they can focus on both projects. One thing is pretty certain: Respawn Entertainment has some interesting development years to look forward to.