Remedy Releasing Control Video Game In August; Pre-Order Starts This Month

Remedy Releasing Control Video Game In August; Pre-Order Starts This Month
Credit: Remedy Games

The long wait for the official release date of Control video game is finally over! Remedy Entertainment has set it to be on August 27.

Back in May 2017, it was learned that the title was still being developed. In fact, it was still in the pre-production stage. Amid this, the developer divulged that it took in 505 Games as their partner publisher.

As the excitement gets higher, it is important for the fans to place their order ahead of the release date. In fact, they can already pre-order the game as early as March 26.

The Control video game’s official release date was said to have been confirmed through the Microsoft store’s product page. Upon checking the site, though, the supposed announcement can no longer be seen. Thanks to Cog Connected for being so quick in sharing the great news!

In addition, the site also revealed that more details about the game are expected to be out soon. This will be brought by Game Informer since it will be on the cover of its April issue.

It has been shared, too, that the single player, the third-person video game will be available on three major platforms. The Control video game will be on Microsoft Windows and the popular consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

According to Polygon, the upcoming title from Remedy Entertainment will be another addition to Epic Games Store’s exclusives.

Since its launch in December last year, the digital video game platform has been hugging the headlines for continuously growing. It has already acquired exclusive deals for Metro Exodus from 4S Games, Tom Clancy’s The Division from Ubisoft, among others. And more are anticipated to be enlisted in the store’s list of famous titles from notable developers.

With Control video game joining this league of great projects, Remedy Entertainment might have a big shoe to fill. In short, it must be something worth the downloads and excitement.

As the Finnish video game developer’s first female lead project, a lot of players got interested in it even more.

In October 2018, Variety shared some information as to why a female has been chosen to take the lead role. Accordingly, it is a reflection of what a modern society is all about.

Sam Lake of Remedy Entertainment noted then that the game is set in a “place of power.”

As Jesse Faden, the game’s main character gets inside the building, and she is bound to discover more. Lake explained that much larger discoveries are up as the player tries to dig further in Control video game.

Keep posted for more news about this latest offering from Remedy Entertainment!