Remedy Confirms Four Different DLC Packs Coming For Control, Ties Into Alan Wake

Remedy Confirms Four Different DLC Packs Coming For Control, Ties Into Alan Wake
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

If you haven’t yet played Remedy’s newest third-person action game Control, do it as soon as you finish reading this. Or better yet, do it before, because there may be some slight spoilers here regarding the upcoming DLC that is in development for the game. Remedy has officially confirmed that they are working on four separate DLC packs that will be released over the next year, with each delivering a ton of new content to satisfy your hunger for more of the bizarre inner-workings of the Federal Bureau of Control.

The first DLC pack, which will be released this fall, adds in the much-requested Photo Mode. With the amazing visuals of Control, it’s a surprise that there wasn’t a photo mode from the start, but at least the team is adding one in shortly. As with most photo modes in video games, it will allow you to use various angles and filters to take pictures throughout the game.

The second DLC, which will be released in Deecember, is a new game mode has Jesse working with the Bureau’s Security Chief, Arish, to explore a mysterious environment known only as The Formation. Remedy has stated that the new mode will be incredibly difficult and will feature some of the biggest challenges in the game, and emphasized that having he best abilities and gear are essential to survival. Both of the 2019 packs will be completely free.

Next year, we’ll get two bigger content updates, both of which will be paid expansions. The first is called The Foundation, which has Jesse exploring “what lies beneath the Bureau,” heading deeper into the mysteries surrounding the existence of The Oldest House. Sometime after that, we’ll be treated to arguably the most exciting DLC pack, called AWE. If you’ve played the game already, you’ll know that AWE stands for Altered World Events, which essentially describes the strange paranormal happenings that exist in the world. In the expansion, you’ll get to explore an entirely new section of the Oldest House, the Investigations Department, where these AWEs are researched.

The AWE expansion is particularly notable as it will feature a cross-over between Control and Alan Wake. Throughout Control, there are several hints and nods to the Bright Falls incident from the Alan Wake video game, including an interesting Easter Egg that involves Alan Wake himself. There are loads of clues about where he has disappeared to, and we might finally get to delve into his mystery after all these years.

On a personal note, Control is by far one of the most unique and visually stunning experiences I’ve had in gaming. If you are a fan of Remedy’s work, it’s easily the best thing they’ve released. And yes, that includes the exceptional Alan Wake. It’s nice to know that not only will we be getting even more of the already jam-packed game, we’ll finally get some information on what’s been going on with Alan Wake himself. And hopefully, the sequel will be the next big announcement.