Red Dead Redemption 2: Finding The Legendary Gunslingers Of The West (The Noblest Of Men, And A Woman Questline)

Red Dead Redemption 2: Finding The Legendary Gunslingers Of The West (The Noblest Of Men, And A Woman Questline)
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There is a seemingly never-ending stream of missions and side-missions available to complete throughout Red Dead Redemption 2. One of the more interesting questlines available in the game is the Noblest of Men, and a Woman quest available after speaking to Theodore Levin in Valentine.

Theodore Levin is an NPC in RDR2 that is a part of the Stranger Missions available to complete throughout the game. He’s a writer, tasked with writing a book about the exploits of Jim “Boy” Calloway, a famous gunslinger.

After Calloway is unwilling (and drunkenly unable) to give Levin any details, Levin asks Arthur Morgan to track down four Legendary Gunslingers and get any information he can off of them about Calloway’s exploits. You’ll also need to take photographs with each of the gunslingers as well. The gunslingers’ names, as well as where to find them, will be detailed in the article below.

While you can receive the quest early in the game after reaching Valentine, the latter stages of the quest can only be completed after reaching Chapter 4.

Emmet Granger
Emmet Granger can be found around Flat Iron Lake, a body of water towards the bottom center of the map that borders West Elizabeth, New Hanover, and Lemoyne. Start a conversation with him and clean up 4 pig droppings for his hogs. Afterward, he’ll refuse to give you a photograph, escalating into a quick-draw situation in which you kill him as he attempts to draw a knife. Kill him and take your photo. Rewards Granger’s Pistol.

Billy Midnight
Billy Midnight can be found hiding out around Rhodes Train Station in Lemoyne. Talk to the station manager in order to take the next train, which Midnight also happens to be on. A chase will ensue, culminating in a train rooftop duel. Kill him to claim your photo, as well as Midnight’s Pistol.

Black Belle
Near Billy Midnight is Black Belle, who is living out in Bluewater Marsh. As you enter in a conversation, she’ll ask if you meant to bring a bunch of bounty hunters with you. Defeat wave after wave of bounty hunters with the aid of Belle and a bunch of planted explosives, and she’ll eventually reward you with a photograph. (Hint: In this mission, you’ll want to make taking out the Gatlin gun a priority.)

Flaco Hernandez
Flaco Hernandez is the only one of the gunslingers to run with their own gang, so you’ll want to prepare your choice of weapons appropriately. His camp is located around Cairn Lake, a frozen lake in the West Grizzlies. Killing him and his gang members rewards his photograph, as well as Flaco’s Revolver. Keep in mind the Poisonous Trail Treasure Map can be found in his cabin as well!

After acquiring all of the photos, the player can return to the saloon in Valentine and speak with the bartender about Levin and Calloway’s location. He’ll inform the player that they’re on a riverboat in Saint Denis.

Speaking to Calloway will prompt him to ask Morgan to find and bring Slim Grant, an old rival of his. Speak to the sheriff in Annesburg, and he’ll direct you to a bandit camp to the west. Kill them and take Slim to Brandywine Drop for the final part of the quest.

Once there, Calloway will challenge Slim Grant to a duel, the latter of which refusing to participate. Enraged, Calloway shoots him in the back as he walks away. Realizing the lack of honor in his actions, he attempts to redeem himself by initiating a duel with Arthur. Kill him and take his pistol.

Levin eventually thanks Morgan for his help with a $350 reward sent through the mail sometime after completing the entire side mission.

Keep the spirit of the West alive, and happy hunting!