Recent Ifixit Nintendo Switch Lite Disassemble Reveal A Modified Analogue Joystick To Possibly Prevent Drifting

Recent Ifixit Nintendo Switch Lite Disassemble Reveal A Modified Analogue Joystick To Possibly Prevent Drifting
Credit: iFixit Video via YouTube

The recent iFixit teardown of the Nintendo Switch Lite revealed that the unit is using a different joystick compared to the high-end version of the console. Many speculate that this modification might have been gaming giant’s decision to prevent the persistent issue of drifting.

Though it might not likely be the case, the iFixit team discovered the pronounced component size difference and how the buttons were a little narrower. Most of the features though were still similar to the original console accessory including the contact pads below the metal sliders.

One possible explanation the dismantling team conjured was that the black contact pads are susceptible to wearing down, which is why Nintendo had it replaced. However, iFixit was able to discover several enhanced features, including the improved placement design of the speakers.

The Nintendo Switch Lite now has downward-facing speakers able to deliver better sounds. Nintendo also made some of the components less modular by fusing them. So that means having your unit repaired will be much easier.

Additionally, the Joy-Cons are tightly secured to the body so you can’t use them with your Switch consoles. The “drifting” issue has been pointed out since 2017 wherein the game controller registers an input though no one uses them.

The controller issues have led to a filed class-action lawsuit which prompted the manufacturing giant to repair affected Joy-Cons without any charge. The sticks on the Lite version also has a different part number though it still remains to be identical with the original Switch model.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is also packed with a smaller battery roughly around 16% shorter than the original Switch version. The battery life, though still has the same capacity because of the improved makeup.

Also, one additional feature that’s been changed with the Lite version is the WiFi antenna which has been moved to a different location. This might probably be to improve reception and make connectivity easier.

The screens of the Nintendo Switch Lite is made by Chinese LCD and screen maker, Innolux. Nonetheless, the modified analog joystick of the Switch Lite is something everyone should check for themselves. It is one of the many things Nintendo has tried to improve on the console.

And considering that the company had to face backlash because of their defective console sticks, the improved panel might prove to be better for the company’s name.