Being Infected With STD Very Much A Thing In Prohibition-Era Game Empire Of Sin

Being Infected With STD Very Much A Thing In Prohibition-Era Game Empire Of Sin
Credit: Paradox Interactive via YouTube

When you’re playing Empire of Sin, you want to be careful around all those brothels.

Brenda Romero told PC Gamer that in this game, choices and consequences will impact on your gameplay. One wrong decision in-game can have long-term effects on your character.

For instance, Romero said that when you frequent brothels in Empire of Sin, you might be infected with STDs. And that’s not just some abstract concept that is good for a few laughs. You can infect other sexual partners and even affect your health.

If you are sick, you won’t be effective in fights and impede your goal of building a criminal empire. More importantly, your enemies will find a chink in your armor to exploit and scuttle your ambitions.

Romero said that she’s not proud about integrating STDs in the gameplay mechanics. In the same vein, she also understands that in life, there are consequences to each choice one makes. It’s a rather unique take to designing the game and add another venue to exploit for gamers to exploit.

For instance, after finishing the game, they can replay it but try to contract an STD this time. Can they still build their empire and still rule Chicago despite being hampered with a disease?

Empire of Sin brings you back to the tumultuous time in Chicago during the prohibition era. The manufacture, sale, and transportation of liquor was banned in the US. However, bootleggers took advantage and made a fortune. Mobsters like Al Capone ruled, and he not only ran bootlegging operations but prostitution and gambling, as well.

The gameplay involved mainly building your criminal empire. You can choose from any of the vices like gambling, alcohol, prostitution, and start from there. You pick loyal mobsters who will do your bidding and then take over territories from rival gangs.

The noir-based game tried to recreate the theme and feel of 1920s Chicago. You have fun simply exploring the city in transition. You can recruit allies, charm friends, scare, and threaten enemies. All your decisions will impact whether you are successful or not. For example, you might choose the wrong allies who will betray you later.

You can also bribe cops to protect your rackets. But make sure also to plant a mole in enemy territory so you can be updated of their plans.

Empire of Sin will arrive on Switch, PC, Mac, Playstation 4, and Xbox One next year. However, there’s no exact release date yet.