Recent Datamine Of Ultimate Alliance 3 Provides Insight Into New Story Content, Characters, Costumes, And More

Recent Datamine Of Ultimate Alliance 3 Provides Insight Into New Story Content, Characters, Costumes, And More
Credit: Wikimedia Commons - Marvel

Dataminers have done it again with new information coming out for DLC for the Nintendo Switch-exclusive Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. New information has presented characters, content, and costumes.

According to the data miners, a new story involving Galactus could be on the horizon. New costumes are coming, including Gwenom, Anti-Venom, Miles Morales hood + Vest, Ms. Marvel lighting T-Shirt +Scarf might be appearing. An image accidentally uploaded to the game’s official page on supports the leak showing the same costumes listed in the data mine. Apparently, they were originally set to release in December of 2019.

There are two paid DLC packs launched for the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Expansion PAss. The first is Marvel Knights: Curse of the Vampire, and the second is X-Men: Rise of the Phoenix. These DLC packs have expanded the roster and added even more story content to the ever-growing superhero game.

Other minor details were shared in the data mine. You can find the full list on Reddit but here is a summary of the information:

  • Beast, Professor X, and Dark Phoenix mention several team bonuses, including “Inhumans.”
  • Medusa has a new voice clip. This may mean a playable Medusa and Black Bolt are in the future to round out the Inhumans team.
  • Spoken NPC dialogue indicates a new story. The Negative Zone and Doomstadt are explicitly named.
  • Negative Zone mentioned being very cold by Iceman. It is noted that it does not bother him.
  • Doomstadt seems to be in trouble with what could be vampires. Cable mentions not having enough geat to take on a Celestial so it could involve Galactus.
  • Cable calls out Annihilus by name and says he’ll squash the future he causes. Annihilus is usually the leader of the Negative Zone, so he could be the boss of that level.
  • New costumes coming: Gwenom, Anti-Venom, Miles Morales hood+vest costume, Ms. Marvel lighting t-shirt + scarf.

With more information, slowly pouring in, fans are getting more excited for the next DLC pack. The Fantastic Four Pack, “Shadow of Doom”, is expected to be the third and final wave.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Fans of Marvel will be happy to see their favorite heroes and villains banded together to solve every evolving problems. This is truly one of the bigger Marvel projects that reach even the more niche heroes and adds them to the game. With skins, DLC, and much more, this a great game for every superhero fan.