Ring Of Elysium Receives Adventurer Season 7 Update, Bringing Odd Mechanics

Ring Of Elysium Receives Adventurer Season 7 Update, Bringing Odd Mechanics
Credit: Ring of Elysium via YouTube

Ring of Elysium is yet another title that has hopped on the battle-royale bandwagon, becoming one of Steam’s 2019 Early Access Graduates.  The game focuses more on movement than other battle royale games, and has just unleashed their massive Season 7 Update bringing a slew of new abilities for you to surprise foes with.  The abilities themselves may generate some outcry, as it’s a far cry from what many are used to in regards to competitive games, but they’re already upon us.

First, there’s cloaking.  A cloaking cloak, as it were, that makes your character completely invisible to other players.  It has a short duration of use, but cannot be detected by either drones or battle cars.  The battery that manages its usage length if recharged while it’s not being used, so smart deployment of it is necessary to gain the most advantage with this item.

Using the cloak will disallow you from using your scope, or firing the weapons; it can only be used while walking or standing still.

That small part may bring relief to some who have announced on the forums that this item alone will turn the game into a camping nightmare, with invisible snipers perched at every high ground more than there already is.  Of course, development studio Aurora has also released an item that counters the Stealth Cloak; a bio-signal detector.

The bio-signal detector will identify all enemies within a predetermined range in front of the items emplacement, regardless of whether or not they’re cloaked.  While it will not outright reveal to enemies your position, it will notify all enemies that have been revealed that a bio-signal has identified them.  Much like the stealth cloak, the bio-signal detector goes on a short cooldown after every use.

These two new items herald the Season, which has been titled Covert Tactics.  With a hefty amount of unlocks for players to earn, along with 1,500 E-points (the in-game currency), it’s sure to be Aurora Studios most liked Season yet.  The three new character models all present espionage wear, stylistic designs that would be well at home in a Splinter Cell game with their futuristic styles.  Along with varying glider styles, grappling hook appearances, loading screens, lobby music, and BMX appearances the entirety of the Season Pass arguably has something for every type of player.

The pass is broken into two separate tiers, as they typically are: the free tier will allow everyone to obtain rewards as they play through Season 7.  The Adventurer pass is available for all of the unlocks as you play, and is almost $9.99 when you translate E-Points into their rough real currency.

Season 7 is slated to last for ten weeks, so if you’re ready to get a bit more technologically savvy, Elysium awaits.