Re-Logic Is Offering An Opportunity To Create Your Own Vanity Set To Be Included In Terraria: Journey’s End

Re-Logic Is Offering An Opportunity To Create Your Own Vanity Set To Be Included In Terraria: Journey’s End
Credit: Re-Logic via YouTube

No, it isn’t news on when we can finally expect to play golf in Terraria, which is at this point a well-known feature that will soon be coming in the final update to the beloved title, Terraria: Journey’s End.  But it is news about Terraria, which is frankly far too few and far between for my tastes in recent weeks.  Re-Logic has recently taken to Steam Announcements that they’re offering a contest, a chance for your own work to be included in the final chapter of Terraria, which is admittedly a banging offer that many will jump for.

Re-Logic is asking players and fans of the 2D pixelized title to develop their own unique Vanity Sets, and submit them for inclusion into Terraria: Journey’s End.

It’s a nod to the impressive creativity that the community has willingly shared with each other over the years of Terraria, from unique buildings to outlandish mods that add a wild number of mechanics and bosses; a parting gift to the community to showcase their own work inside of the fabled title that has arrived on everything from mobile phones to consoles.

Of course, there are rules and guidelines that those wanting to participate in the contest must follow, although they’re all standard requests.  Nothing involving nudity, all entries must be the sole work of the person submitting them, one entry per person, and no references to outside media (i.e. you can’t use Freddie Krueger, as Re-Logic would then need permission from that studio to use the asset).

Beyond those ground rules, however, anything goes; it’s finally time to flex your creative Terraria muscles officially.

Submissions need to include a design for the head of the player, the torso, and the legs; wings, weapons, and other skins aren’t being accepted.  You’ll need to design the complete package that many would expect for your entry to be considered valid.  Also included should be referencing art and descriptions that are the standard when drawing up art assets for in-game works, designed to clearly convey what the design is attempting to communicate.  Names of the Vanity Set are also accepted along with the creation, which should likely be neatly tucked into the accompanying artwork.

Fans of Terraria have until April 13th to get their submissions into Re-Logic, meaning everyone has roughly a month to dream up a unique idea and get it to their official contest thread on their own forums.

It’s an appreciated idea to give long-time Terraria fans a hand in bringing the bittersweet final chapter of Terraria to life, and one that will likely have a slew of entries.