Razer Mouse Continues To Receive Innovation, Hardware Manufacturer Brings 2 More Basilisk Models

Razer Mouse Continues To Receive Innovation, Hardware Manufacturer Brings 2 More Basilisk Models
Credit: R Λ Z Ξ R via YouTube

One of the gamers’ favorites, the Razer mouse, has continued to receive some innovation. This time, two new models under the hardware manufacturer’s Basilisk line are now in the market.

This brand of optical sensor mouse has been the choice of many tech-savvy individuals because of its remarkable performance. And its fans are expected to be in awe further with the introduction of the low-latency variants. This means that the new models of mouse devices from Razer are more powerful. Consumers are assured that they are both packed with amazing specs and features.

The two Basilisk devices are geared for different markets. One is designed to cater to consumers who give more value to the specs that the product can offer. This is the segment that does not mind paying more for sophisticated features. Meanwhile, the other one still boasts of impressive specs but sold at a more affordable price.

The pricier model, the Razer Basilisk Ultimate, has a resolution accuracy of 99.6 percent. Thanks to its optical sensor and true DPI focus of 20,000. In addition, its inter-device color synchronization feature enables gamers to personalize their gaming hardware. It is also capable of making 70 M clicks with the help of Razer Optical Mouse Switches.

For faster performance, Razer uses wireless technology, the HyperSpeed. And this is integrated into the Basilisk Ultimate model. Likewise, it has 11 programmable buttons that can be set independently.

Meanwhile, users can choose between two modes – wireless and wired usage. In terms of compatibility, basic mouse input is possible with Xbox One. It can be charged as well via the charging dock designed for Razer mouse.

The Razer Basilisk Ultimate has a battery life of around 100 hours.

On the other hand, the more affordable variant, the Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed, comes with the 5G Advanced Optical Sensor. This enables the unit to achieve 16,000 DPI. In terms of acceleration, it has 40 G and a maximum of 450 in IPS (inches per second).

To support the gaming speed requirements, this particular mouse is armed with the HyperSpeedwireless technology, too. This uses the 2.4 GHz Dongle.

With the Razer Basilisk X HyperSpeed mouse, gamers would experience the ease of use because of its ergonomic design. It features six buttons that can be programmed independently.

This device, which has AA battery, can last for a maximum of 250 hours when operated at 2.4 GHz wireless mode. When set at Bluetooth low energy (BLE) mode, the Razer mouse can be used for 450 hours.