Radeon RX 580 From AMD Already Starting To Come Down In Price; Maybe This Is The Best Time To Buy One

Radeon RX 580 From AMD Already Starting To Come Down In Price; Maybe This Is The Best Time To Buy One
Credit: AMD via YouTube

If you’ve been eyeing the Sapphire Radeon RX 580, this is your best chance at getting one for a discount.

The 8 GB graphics card can be ordered from Newegg for just $169.99, and that already comes with a free game pass from Xbox for three months. The price point is slightly better than what Amazon is offering.
The 8 GB RX 580 is still listed at Amazon for the price of $184.99 from the original price of $194.99. Actually, you can go a few dollars more and buy the RX 590 from Newegg for $199.99.

Is the RX 480 worth your (discounted) money?

The 580 features a 256-bit GDDR5 along with a boost clock of 1366MHz. You can expect a max resolution of 3840×2160 or a true 4K. You won’t encounter problems playing the modern titles in the market today with its max fidelity at 1440p at 60 frames per second.

The RX 580 is part of AMD’s RX series refresh. The operative word there is “refresh” because this is not a new graphics card. The 580 is basically the RX 480 with the clock speeds tinkered for higher rates.

When you think about it, the base benchmarks for the RX 580 is the same as the boost clock for the RX 480. They both have the same architecture. AMD has been tinkering with the Polaris architecture, particularly in boosting speeds, and the 580 is the result. For instance, the baseclock for the 480 is 1,120Mhz, and the boost clock is 1,266MHz.

So you can’t expect some changes in the memory and the capacity on this one because both graphics card is essentially similar. Nevertheless, there’s a slight bump in the cranking clocks as the RX 580 clocks at 185W TDP. In contrast, the RX 480 could only get to 150W. This means that you need an 8-pin power supply for the RX 580.

In order to make sure the graphics card doesn’t heat, the RX 580 is equipped with the Radeon Chill. But this won’t be activated unless you are playing the specific titles–and there are just 19 games in all.

For instance, you can offset 31% of the GPU temperature when the Radeon Chill kicks in as you are playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive 3. It doesn’t even matter if you are playing the game at ultra-high settings. You can find the whole list of games here.