Puzzle Game Not Chess Launches On December 8 With Pre-Orders Available Now

Puzzle Game Not Chess Launches On December 8 With Pre-Orders Available Now
Credit: Not Chess via App Store

Crevasse Studios is preparing to launch its unique twist on the game Chess while not directly replicating it. The puzzle game is available to pre-order now ahead of its launch in early December.

While Not Chess is not Chess, it’s a puzzle game with simple Chess-like rules. That means that players with no experience playing Chess can jump right in and start playing. Not Chess has a few simple Chess rules but also some special additions to make it fun yet challenging for everyone.

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Before the game begins is a tutorial to learn the mechanics of the game. The information covers all of the basic rules required to begin playing the game, but players will have to use their skills and strategies to master the title.

The game starts with one single piece, but across the game board are other strategically placed Chess pieces. When players take a piece, they inherit their abilities. The level is complete once players collect the coin.

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Not Chess game does offer some challenging to keep players interested. Some levels have a higher difficulty level than others, so players are always putting their brains to work. There are three main difficulty levels from the start: Easy, Medium, and Hard. All levels have a set amount of moves and time to complete each one. The harder the difficulty level, the fewer moves players will have with the clock ticking against them.

The game also stands out for its simplistic graphics. There are zen color palettes and a relaxing soundtrack to make Not Chess a relaxing experience.

Not Chess is a family-friendly game for everyone. There’s no violence, and players can enjoy the game at their own place. The title is also playable offline, so players can enjoy while out and about without using their phone’s data or while on long trips without wi-fi service.

Not Chess is available to pre-order now. The title will launch as a premium game for around $1.99, so players won’t have to worry about ads. The developer states that players only have to purchase it once to unlock it forever, and there are no additional in-app purchases.

Not Chess will also have Game Center compatibility so players can save their data. The game is optimized for all devices with haptic feedback. The developer is also planning a launch on PC for Itch.io, but the PC release date is not yet known.

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Not Chess launches on the App Store on December 8.