PUBG’s Sixth Season Can Now Be Played On A Test Server Prior To Official Launch

PUBG’s Sixth Season Can Now Be Played On A Test Server Prior To Official Launch
Credit: mhedden033 via YouTube

When you think of battle royale games, one of the most popular is PUBG. Even still today in 2020, it dominates the charts alongside Fortnite. A huge reason for this is the constant seasonal updates. They introduce major changes and gameplay improvements, which keep users coming back time and time again.

Right now, PUBG fans are getting ready for Season 6. Based on patch notes, it’s looking like an amazing season all around. New guns are being added, there will be more vehicles, and there’s even a new map called Karakin. PUBG Corporation is doing everything they can to keep this battle royale title moving along in 2020.

If you’re itching to check out all of the new updates in this upcoming season, you’ll be pleased to know that the developer is letting users check it out before the official release. It will be available on a test server, which is currently live right now. So if you want to take Season 6 out for a spin, now’s the perfect time to head back to PUBG.

We also have a new trailer that shows off Karakin. It looks to have an island vibe, with plenty of different terrains to venture through. Players will have to be strategic where they travel to though, as there’s a new feature called Black Zone.

Essentially, any area that’s inside the Black Zone can be rearranged in a major way. For example, if there are buildings in the area, the Black Zone can remove them completely. Thus, you’ll have to plan your movements carefully as to not be left exposed. That’s surely a recipe for disaster. This new feature seems like a great addition that changes up how players will have to approach each match.

The developer wasn’t going to leave you hanging, fortunately. When a Black Zone is developing, sirens will sound. That’s your cue to get to a different location before the area you’re near is completely flattened by huge explosives.

That’s not all. The latest trailer also shows entryways that can be destroyed via Sticky Bombs. They’re a new resource that will give players the ability to breach certain points for quicker access to locations. They seem like the perfect item to have when trying to surprise enemies from unexpected areas.

Season 6 isn’t even out yet, but it’s already looking to be like one of the better updates in PUBG. It’s also great that players get to take it for a spin so that they’re ready for day one of the release.