PUBG Mobile Lite Hits India And Shots Up To The Top Of Google Play Store Within Three Days After Launch

PUBG Mobile Lite Hits India And Shots Up To The Top Of Google Play Store Within Three Days After Launch
Credit: LEARN EASY via YouTube

PUBG Mobile Lite has just been launched in India, and it’s no surprise that the game took the top spot of Google Play Store in only three days. The new PUBG game, which has been developed for low-end smartphones is a watered-down version of the highly famous graphics demanding mobile game. The recently released PUBG Mobile Lite has optimized graphics and gameplay akin to the original release.

The free to download and free to play game takes around 600 MB of memory space and smoothly runs on Android phones with a 2GB memory capacity or lower. Additionally, there is an in-game feature where players can access designer outfits and get random gift boxes at a cost. Similar to the high-end mobile release of the game, game developers also included their micro-transactional strategy of offering weapons, skins, and various other elements, including random gift boxes.

This Lite version was built using the same game development platform, Unreal Engine 4. Though the game has been modified to run in a low graphics setting, there is not much of a difference when it comes to gameplay. Albeit, they are more similar in terms of scope and how the original release run. First, players have to land on an island and scavenge for gears and weapons. Anyone who has played the original game would have a déjà vu feeling as everything is just a step-down of the original PUBG game.

Every aspect of the PUBG Mobile Lite game is similar to graphics and memory demanding mobile version. This includes the rules of engagement, team member chat communications, crosshair color selection, and map controls. And for a game running on low-specs mobile phones, PUBG Corporation was kind enough to include a convenient peek and fire control option. This extra functionality makes a sniper more capable regardless of the weapons he uses.

Players who have experienced the original PUBG game should not expect to have the same graphics quality. This game is made for low-end mobile gaming with graphics setting that can be configured according to the smartphone capacity. Nonetheless, the visuals deliver consistent performance, no matter what the device is.

One thing to consider, the game requires a 4G connection for enabling the multiplayer mode to run smoothly. PUBG Mobile Lite also has smaller maps and shorter matches compared to the original game, but still, it possesses the same challenging gameplay.