PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 Update Set To Go Live: Here Are Some Changes That Gamers Can Expect

PUBG Mobile 0.15.5 Update Set To Go Live: Here Are Some Changes That Gamers Can Expect
Credit: PUBG Mobile via YouTube

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile is due for a considerable update at any moment. Some changes should start coming into effect starting today and some tomorrow, however, the server will not be taken offline to implement the updates.

Patch 0.15.5 is bringing with it a ton of new things, including a new season, map, and gun.

The storage space needed for the update is 0.21 GB for Android and 0.24 GB for iOS.

Here are changes coming with the PUBG Mobile update:

Royale Pass Season 10: Fury of the Wasteland.
• Brand new rewards
• This season can be gifted as requests have been relaunched
• The Royal Pass Upgrade Card can now be used directly in the Pass Upgrade interface.
• An upgrade UI experience for Royale Pass

Brand New Weapon: MP5K:
• Portable SMG
• Only appears in Vikendi and replacing the Vector
• Players will enjoy the high fire rate of 900 rounds per minute.
• Fantastic anti-recoil
• Base damage is 33 and is compatible with many attachments, including scopes, foregrips, and magazines.

Brand new Team Deathmatch Map called Ruins:
Ruins is set in a dense rainforest and is full of ancient ruins. It is an aesthetic battle zone that players can enjoy no matter what their play style is.

Season System:
• Platinum and Crown tiers have received Tier Protection Cards. When players reach the Ace tier, they will receive one star for every 100 points they earn. The number of stars a player has will change the icon:
Copper – 1 to 5 stars
Silver – 6 to 10 stars
Gold – 11 or more stars
New Vehicle Zima:
• Only appears in Vikendi and replaces the UAZ
• Easier to drive in the snow than other 4-wheeled vehicles
• Has a higher damage resistance than other vehicles but it also slower than others

Brand New Player 8-Day Rewards:
8-Day Rewards are updated for new players to add Trails, Finishes, and other rewards.

New Character: Sara, Vehicle Engineer (Coming Soon)
Ability: Vehicle Enhancement – minimizes the amount of damage a vehicle will take when Sara is driving it or riding in it in EVO Modes.
Charisma system:
– The charisma system has been removed for the time being as further adjustments need to be made.

– The notifications tab will now have pending team-up invites

Other Changes Coming to PUBG Mobile:
Changed Arcade Mode Availability
Clan Improvements
Team Recruitment Channel Improvements
Team-Up Recommendations for Missions
Main Menu Improvements

Players that haven’t downloaded the update will be unable to play with friends that have downloaded it. Also, if players update their game between November 8 and 14, they will receive 20 Silver, 2000 BP, and a Blue Glider Tail.