N7 Day Tweet From Mass Effect’s Developer Casey Hudson Could Be Proof Of A New Game In The Works At BioWare

N7 Day Tweet From Mass Effect’s Developer Casey Hudson Could Be Proof Of A New Game In The Works At BioWare
Credit: BioWare Via YouTube

Mass Effect is a franchise that has had a lot of ups and downs.

The series has experienced the highest of highs.

There was the first game, which broke the norms of choice-based action RPGs and introduced fans to a whole galaxy of possibilities.

There was Mass Effect 2, which took everything from the first game and dialed it up to 11, featuring an import system that ensured that all of your progress and choices from the first game carried over.

The series has also experienced the lowest of lows.

In Mass Effect 3, what was by all accounts a phenomenal conclusion was marred by a lackluster ending that left longtime fans feeling frustrated and betrayed.

Then there was Mass Effect Andromeda, a rushed mess of a game that rolled out with game-breaking bugs, unfinished animation, and a story that fell way short of the original trilogy.

Tried and true Mass Effect Fans believed that the franchise was dead in the water following the disastrous rollout of Andromeda.

However, a tweet from BioWare’s Casey Hudson on N7 Day may have lit the spark of hope that The Normandy will fly again.

N7 Day is a yearly fan event for Mass Effect’s faithful followers. It takes place on November 7 every year and has typically been a day where BioWare would reveal major announcements or trailers for new Mass Effect adventures. In recent years, N7 day seemed more solemn, like the ghost of a good memory.

But that might be changing.

Take a look at this Tweet and see for yourselves.

That’s Casey Hudson, the lead developer on the original Mass Effect trilogy. Hudson says that there are many ideas floating around for the future of Mass Effect and shared concept art that has never been seen before. He ends the cryptic N7 message by letting fans know that there are so many stories yet to tell.

Hudson has taken a lot of heat in recent years as Mass Effect’s director and the general manager of BioWare as a whole. Andromeda’s previous failings, coupled with a horrid showing in the studio’s multiplayer shooter Anthem and delays in the development Dragon Age 4 have led to many fans losing faith in the developer.

Perhaps a return to form and a Mass Effect game that captures the spirit of the original story is precisely what is needed in order to revive fan interest and confidence in BioWare’s ability to take to the stars once more.