Pokemon Go Brings Lots Of In-Game Events As They Celebrate Their Third Anniversary

Pokemon Go Brings Lots Of In-Game Events As They Celebrate Their Third Anniversary
Credit: Niantic

Pokemon Go had a massively successful launch three years ago, and even today there is an active, healthy community backing the game. The developers hope to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the game with a bunch of events scattered throughout the year. This announcement comes close to the Mudkip event that is happening within the next few weeks.

Starting on June 28th at 4 P.M Eastern Time players have a chance to encounter Shiney Alolan Pokemon. Sandshrew, Vulpix, Meowth, Geodude, and many more will be making an appearance. Players will also get an opportunity to gain some new avatar items that are being added to the shop so that you can replicate the look of any team leader.

Until July 6th at 4 P.M Eastern time you will find Pikachu with part hats photobombing any snapshots you take using Go Snapshot. Similar to the April Fools event it will be unexpected and sure to spice up any of your photos. Any 7 km eggs that happen to hatch a Pichu will also have a party hat upon its appearance. This is sure to surprise many players and bring the festivities of the Pokemon Go anniversary into full force.

The party does not end there as until Sept. 2 at 4 P.M. Eastern Time raids will drop extra Premier Balls and allow players a better chance at gaining raid Pokemon. All Stardust trades will be discounted by 25 percent, and there will be an entirely new set of Special Research tasks that will help players get back into the game.

The featured art for the event shows Mime Jr. and its evolution, Mr. Mime, which is only available regionally in Europe. It is unknown whether trainers can expect Mime Jr. to make an appearance or if it will be locked away as another European exclusive.

Players are excited about this large event, and with many starter Pokemon from the Unova region shown in their featured art, Gen 5 Pokemon may be coming to Pokemon Go very soon. There has been speculation as to whether or not Team Rocket will make an appearance in the next update. While recent data mines by Chrales point towards their intervention and invasion somehow details are still unclear.

It is worth consideration at least as Team Rocket is a major request from the fan base and some Team Rocket grunts are hiding behind a tree in the featured art. Either way, there will be a lot of fun options headed for players soon as full celebrations begin for the 3rd anniversary.