Pokémon Go Announces “Buddy Adventure” Update To Help Trainers Level Up Friendship

Pokémon Go Announces “Buddy Adventure” Update To Help Trainers Level Up Friendship
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Pokémon Go has announced its last major update before the new decade. The game will now make it easier for trainers to form a bond with their favorite Pokémon.

This new update is the perfect opportunity for players who always wanted to have a faithful Pokémon friend, similar to Ash Ketchum’s bond with Pikachu.

Niantic has announced “Buddy Adventure,” which helps trainers build their bonds with Pokémon.

The YouTube trailer description states: “Get ready to explore the world with your Buddy Pokémon! In the all-new Buddy Adventure feature, your buddy will be by your side in your Pokémon Go explorations like never before. Buddy Adventure is an elevated bonding experience for Trainers and their buddies.” and “Like any great Pokémon Trainer, you’ll find that the world around you will become richer with Pokémon by your side as they grow with you and help you along your journey.”

Trainers can increase their “Buddy Level” by spending time with their Pokémon. Gamers will have to feed their buddies treats, use them in battle, and explore the community together. If a trainer has multiple Pokémon they want to befriend, they can switch them without losing Candy-earning progress.

Trainers can begin their Buddy process by feeding their Pokémon “Berries.” Feeding them these special treats will increase the friendship level to “Good Buddy” and it can only improve from there. The Pokémon will begin following the trainer on the map.

Take the fun directly to Buddies in the new Buddy Profile Page. This page is where players can directly interact with their Pokémon friends by clicking “Play!”

The main goal is to bring the Pokémon to “Best Buddy” status, where Pokémon will sport a “Best Buddy” ribbon and a CP boost during combat.

After Buddy Adventure launches, there’s an additional bonus feature coming. Players will be able to see other trainer’s buddies in the new Shared AR Experience mode. Friends can gather together for group photos and more.

The Buddy Adventure update will be an entertaining new way for Trainers to increase their one-on-one bonds with their Pokémon. Adding the AR feature will bring the Pokémon experience even closer to reality.

Although the announcement was made, the official release date for Buddy Adventure was not revealed. Niantic plans to release it before 2020, but there is the possibility of delays.