Players Will Be Able To Upgrade EA’s 2020 Games To Next-Gen Console Versions For Free

Players Will Be Able To Upgrade EA’s 2020 Games To Next-Gen Console Versions For Free
Credit: MacRumors

With the PS5 and Xbox Series X right around the corner, just a few months away with no delays confirmed by both Sony and Microsoft, games released this later year inhabit the strange space between the older consoles and the next-gen versions.

EA has announced that any of its upcoming games from this year and beyond, players will be able to upgrade their game (for FREE) to a version playable on the next-gen console.

In an earning’s call, where EA staff discuss the future of their games with shareholders, the COO Blake Jorgenson announced that future games released before the next-gen consoles are available in the holiday season will be upgradable for free.

This could mean a few things, such as better backwards compatibility within the PS5 and Xbox Series X for EA titles, or an in-house system developed by EA which means players can apply for a brand new copy of the game for next-gen as long as they have proof of purchase.

It’s likely that Apex Legends, one of EA’s most successful titles of 2019, will receive an upgraded Series X and PS5 version. A recent job posting on Respawn Entertainment’s website suggests they are looking for new employees to help make the transition.

The performance difference of Apex Legends between the Xbox One S and the One X is already hugely significant, and the game could see a larger upgrade come to the next-gen consoles.

Considering the recent free content update to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, it is likely this game will make some sort of transition to the newer consoles. More will be known when both Microsoft and Sony announce the launch games for their respective consoles later this year.

EA also announced that FIFA 21 and Madden are on the way, as per usual, as well as a previously unannounced and still mysterious brand new HD title. Fans are also waiting for news about Battlefront 2 and Battlefield V after the game’s ended their development cycle last week, leaving DICE to work closely on hopefully two brand new games for the franchise.