Players Of Pokémon Are Persuaded Teaser In Violet/Scarlet

Players Of Pokémon Are Persuaded Teaser In Violet/Scarlet
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As the release date of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, later this year, approaches, the game’s Pokedex keeps expanding.

The most popular hypothesis among enthusiasts is that Smeargle will gain a Paldean form in the upcoming games, and on Monday, several authorized Pokemon social media sites tweeted graphics hinting at another new inclusion.

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Pokemon tweeted that it has “managed to collect these photographs of some unusual markings taken by a photographer from Paldea.” Four photographs are included in the tweet, all of which feature designs drawn on trees and rocks in the Palean wilderness.

Pokemon has given trainers the duty of deciphering the meaning of the markings, which logically starts with determining who or what is accountable for them.

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Several explanations have been put up in the comments and quotation tweets, but the most popular one is that a localized version of the mentioned Smeargle is imminent. Gen 2’s Johto region served as the setting for Smeargle’s initial appearance in the Pokemon world.

Trainers believe that Smeargle’s tail is the main reason why, after more than 20 years, it will eventually receive a regional version.

The natural landing spot for Smeargle, or something quite like it, to call Paldea home is that the normal type has a paintbrush for a tail. Scarlet and Violet’s Smeargle might be of a different type if that actually is the solution.

It might also be a tease for a fully evolved Smeargle, as some other Pokemon enthusiasts have speculated. Since its debut, the painting Pokemon has appeared in six different generations, yet it still lacks advancement.

Game Freak has previously declared that Wooper will receive the Paldea treatment, though it is still only a theory that Smeargle will have a different form in Scarlet & Violet. Since Nidoking and Nidoqueen, Paldean Wooper will be the first dual-type Pokemon of its kind. It will be a poison ground type.