PlatinumGames Tokyo Will Focus On Console Live Ops Development

PlatinumGames Tokyo Will Focus On Console Live Ops Development
Credit: Platinum Games Tokyo Official Website

PlatinumGames has announced the creation of its new office, PlatinumGames Tokyo. The announcement is the third surprise after The Wonderful 101 Remastered and Project GG.

The new office is located in Tokyo, Japan. Along with the news was the unveiling of the new website, which included a message from President and CEO Kenichi Sato. The news is in Japanese and translated into English.

President Sato’s announcement detailed the history of the developer, which includes the capital alliance with Tencent Holdings in December 2019. The new office combines the “sharpest creative minds in games” from both East and Western Japan.

PlatinumGames is using 2020 as a re-establishment year, which will make everyone working at the company a “creator.” Every employee will have a stake in creating high-quality games in the new environment.

President Sato also established a new credo: “We’ve also adopted a new credo that we call “The Platinum 8.” This is a series of eight principles that we all share as creators. The Platinum 8 guides our entire staff as we face the challenges of our daily work. By working together under these principles, I think we can overcome any obstacle and truly become the world’s number one studio for player satisfaction.”

Executive Vice President and Studio Head Atsushi Inaba also gave his thoughts into the new development hub in Tokyo. The company’s new path forward will include new original games, inhouse engine development, working with partner companies, and console live-ops development.

Console live-ops development means moving forward from releasing a game, then moving on. Instead, PlatinumGames Tokyo will develop games and keep working on them to release new content long after release.

There were four interviews featuring staff members from the development team. The interviews include Director Motoi Fujita who will tackle project management in the mobile realm, Game Client Engineer David Scripps who will work on live-ops development, Project Manager Miki Sato who will ensure console quality and volume in live-ops titles, and Game Designer Takahisa Sugiyama who will work on analyzing game data from players.

PlatinumGames Tokyo’s current projects include Babylon’s Fall, Bayonetta 3, and Project G.G.

PlatinumGames Tokyo is also seeking more developments to join their team at their newest location in Japan. Their official website has a button labeled “Jobs” where potential job seekers can find out more information.