Plans For A Mobile Version Of Destiny 2 Are Hinted At In The Game’s Patent Filings

Plans For A Mobile Version Of Destiny 2 Are Hinted At In The Game’s Patent Filings
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There have been rumblings that Destiny 2 might be adapted for mobile devices at some point. Several patents held by Bungie provide hints to features required for a mobile version, such as touch screen controls. These patents were discovered for the first time by The Game Post.

There were six patent applications submitted in March, and the publications of those applications took place earlier this month. These patents provide an intriguing glimpse into what the future may hold for us. However, the patents do not indicate whether this would deliver the same experience as the existing game, as we have seen with Fortnite, or whether this would be an altogether different experience as we have seen with Call of Duty.

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As of this writing, Bungie has not divulged any information regarding the possibility of a mobile game version. However, there is a good chance that Bungie is at least mulling over the possibility. Still, it is important to remember that many businesses routinely submit patent applications for ideas that never end up being developed further.

For example, an intriguing patent application that PlayStation has submitted but has not yet been granted would have allowed players to utilize commonplace products, such as bananas, as controllers. However, this particular patent application has not yet been granted. That said, the banana controller seems much less likely than a mobile adaptation of a well-known first-person shooter.

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The acquisition of Bungie by PlayStation was finalized in July, and both companies have maintained throughout the process that they want Destiny 2 to continue to be available on various platforms. If there is a smartphone version of Destiny 2, more people will be able to play the game than before. This is exciting news for the gaming community as a whole, and it may make it simpler for players of Destiny 2 to access the game at times when it would otherwise be inconvenient to do so. However, supporters will need to exercise patience until we receive an official statement.