Phantasy Star Online 2 Closed Beta Gives Sneak Peek Into Final Release Of Game Outside Japan

Phantasy Star Online 2 Closed Beta Gives Sneak Peek Into Final Release Of Game Outside Japan
Credit: Phantasy Star Online 2 Website

The closed beta for Phantasy Star Online 2 recently ended but many decided to sign up before the deadline. The closed beta was available for free for anyone who signed up through the Xbox Insider Program.

Sega has announced new information regarding the worldwide beta release of the game, including which peripherals will be supported. While this news was aimed towards the beta, this information will likely be applied towards the final release.

The official Twitter account for PSO2 answered questions from fans about the game’s release.

The game will support keyboard and mouse if players don’t want to play with a controller. The ChatPad does work, but the PSO2 team could only confirm compatibility with keyboard and mouse.

Users were also able to stream on the streaming platform of their choice while playing the closed beta. Sega stressed this is not the final version of the game. The closed beta took place in a testing environment, so what occurred during the test may not appear in the final version.

Sega previously announced that the game would include Japanese and English audio, so gamers could either use English subtitles and UI with Japanese audio or vice versa, depending on their personal preferences.

While the closed beta is currently available, players are experiencing some issues, such as long login times. This is part of the closed beta process and is vital information for Sega when they launch the game to all.

PSO2 also expanded upon their “Free-to-play, play-to-win” model: “In-game purchases will be in the form of cosmetic and convenience items only and offer no significant gameplay advantage! There will be no purchase of weapons, Units, or any equipment that offers additional stats bonuses. Discover one of the most advanced outfit customization systems in any game, with an ever-growing catalog of amazing layered outfits to mix-and-match and accessories to customize!”

During the closed beta, the official PSO2 Twitter account responded to all questions quickly to resolve any issues players were experiencing.

The closed beta was currently only available for members of the Xbox Insider Program. The final release will launch in North America in Spring 2020 on Steam and Xbox One and eventually on additional platforms, according to Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Executive Vice-President of Gaming.

Due to unexpected server issues, the closed beta was extended to February 9th. There may be an additional closed or open beta in the future.