Week 4, Day 1 Overview, And Summary Of League Championship Series 2020 By Scairtin

Week 4, Day 1 Overview, And Summary Of League Championship Series 2020 By Scairtin
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

The fourth week of LCS began with the reunited Team Liquid roster with Broxah against Immortals led by former Team Liquid jungler, Xmithie.

LCS is looking to be clearer as well, with Cloud 9 holding the first spot while multiple teams are battling for 2-4th.

Team Liquid vs Immortals

Ornn / Lee Sin / Ryze / Kalista / Taric vs Gangplank / Sejuani / Cassiopeia / Ezreal / Nautilus

Team Liquid has finally reunited with their main jungler, Broxah. Their season start was quite shaky without him and the community expected that they would improve when he comes. Today’s game showed that it isn’t fated to be like that yet since the team lacks practice.

Immortals have completely shut down Broxah by focusing down his jungle and the riversides. While Broxah could’ve played much better in his first game, the rest of Team Liquid was quite unhopeful as well. They’ve yet to pick up a win on Senna and have swapped to another ADC for Doublelift, Kalista. But even with Kalista, Doublelift misplayed and did not do anything this game.

With the jungler far behind of Team Liquid, Immortals have focused down objectives and finished the game without pressure.

Cloud 9 vs Team Solo Mid

Sett / Elise / Qiyana / Varus / Tahm vs Akali / Gragas / Renekton / Miss Fortune / Nautilus

Cloud 9 is showing an impressive display of skill after going through a loss of 3 key players in the offseason. They are currently the only undefeated in LCS and leagues above everyone else.

Zven is head and shoulders above every other ADC in the League, coupled with Vulcan they are undefeated in the lane, always being ahead in gold and pressure on the bottom side of the map. Cloud 9’s rotations are also clean, they picked up all objectives but 1 tower and 1 Rift Herald this game against a top tier team.

Counter Logic Gaming vs Golden Guardians

Aatrox / Trundle / Neeko / Ezreal / Yuumi vs Sett / Sejuani / Cassiopeia / Kai’sa / Nautilus

Counter Logic Gaming is looking worse every week. Golden Guardians, on the other hand, are looking better. While everyone doubted the Keith support bot lane, he is proving to be worthy support.

The game was quite even early on, but with Sejuani snowballing mid and top lane, the game became a stomp quite fast. CLG without any help from their Trundle could not stop the snowball and lost.

100 Thieves vs Dignitas

Sett / Lee Sin / Ryze / Aphelios / Nautilus vs Soraka / Olaf / Ornn / Miss Fortune / Leona

Draft looked decent on both sides, it was hard to predict who would win based on it. In-game though it soon became clear as soon as Dignitas started snowballing with the ‘protect-the-Olaf’ comp.

While 100 Thieves are looking to become a better team over the season, their gameplay is putting that into doubt as they lose some games where they shouldn’t.

That is all for Day 1 of Week 4 coverage of LCS 2020, stay tuned for more in the upcoming days.