Persona 5 Royal Has Released A New Trailer For Anne, New Attacks And Character Information

Persona 5 Royal Has Released A New Trailer For Anne, New Attacks And Character Information
Credit: Atlus

Altus has been hard at work rotating teaser trailers for the Persona 5 Royal lineup. This will be the final definitive version of the classic RPG. There is a lot of additional content being added to the original build of the game and a full overhaul of the story itself. The latest teaser is completely focused on a character named Anne Takamaki, and it seems they are putting more emphasis on the cast of characters in the game than ever before.

The first thing you need to know about Anne is her partner Morgana. The small black cat that travels with Anne is useful for more than just cosmetics. It has abilities in battle and is adorable to look at in social scenarios. The redesign and freshen up of this character has long been awaited by fans and the community is happy with the result.

Partner attacks are added, and in the teaser, you can see Anne being given flowers by Morgana, and she looks flattered by the gesture. In the end, you can see it all come to a brutal finally as Anne rains bullets from her submachine guns and Morgana tosses a bomb in to finish the job. Persona 5 Royal feels more on the wacky side than previous titles, and it a welcome feel to the game.

You get a slight glimpse into Anne’s life and get to witness Shiho Suzui getting dragged into the mix. Suzui is Annes best friend, and in the original game, she got barely any time after the events at Shujin Academy. In the remake, you get to see her, Anne, and Joker all handing out in an underground mall in brand new outfits on January 4th, which is fairly late into the progression of the game. According to Harry Type-C’s fan translation, Anne is talking up how Shiho was the star of the school’s volleyball team.

The game is including other new scenes for Anne as well including a school clean-up project where she shows how to recycle a trashed umbrella and a section where Anne and Joker talk in her room. She owns an immense amount of shoes. She also seems to be wearing a letterman jacket over her Shujin uniform, which is something that has not been seen in previous games.

Persona 5 Royal will launch exclusively on PlayStation 4 in Japan on October 31, 2019. Sometime in 2020, the game will be released in the west, but the official date has not been announced.