Path Of Exile Expansion To Fix Bugs And Clunky Combat; Update 3.7.0 To Come Out In June

Path Of Exile Expansion To Fix Bugs And Clunky Combat; Update 3.7.0 To Come Out In June

The Path of Exile 3.7.0 expansion will reportedly address the imbalance in skills and the melee combat.

The developer conceded that its received several complaints about the “clunky” melee combat. This typically happens during the early part of the combat before the players are able to get a lot of momentum. As a result, they lose a lot of speed.

The developer then tried to implement several experimental solutions to the animation in order to address the problem.

With the expansion, this would reportedly be addressed.

Apart from the melee combat, the developer also tried to rebalance the leech, accuracy, melee base types, and fortify. It also addressed some issues on the passive tree, movement skills, feedback on the hit and miss, and the ascendancy classes.

The Path of Exile 3.7.0 update notes was posted on the developer’s website. Originally, Grinding Gear Games just wanted to rebalance the Melee skills. However, when they revisited the game, they found several issues that needed to be resolved as well.

The notes, however, are lacking in details. But Grinding Gears said that it was deliberate. While they have an overall idea of what they wanted to do, there’s bound to be changed in the near future.

The developer said the experimental changes on the Path of Exile Synthesis are ongoing. However, it said that fans would have a better picture of the changes in the expansion in May.

Next month, Grinding Games will make the official announcement on expansion 3.7.0.

In December last year, the developer released the Betrayal expansion, allowing gamers to play the role of a detective. You will be facing a group of necromancers calling themselves the Immortal Syndicate.

You will use everything in your arsenal, including convincing them to betray their allies. If you did your job right, you will raid the safehouses to take out the leaders. In doing so, you will be awarded loots and XP.

However, you start with very little information at the beginning. You have to take down some members of the syndicate and fish information from them. The syndicate has four divisions in all, and the results of your interrogation would be crucial to take them out.

Of course, expansion won’t amount to anything if you can’t face the big boss. And you will also have the opportunity to take out the mastermind, as well.

Keep posted for more developments ahead of the official announcement for Path of Exile expansion 3.7.0 in May.