OWL – Atlanta Reign Makes Their First Move And Releases Frd And Dogman To Free Agency

OWL – Atlanta Reign Makes Their First Move And Releases Frd And Dogman To Free Agency
Credit: Atlanta Reign

The Overwatch League has barely touched the offseason schedule, and the free-agent pool is already getting out of control. In their first move for a roster change, the Atlanta Reign bids goodbye to off-tank Nathan “frd” Goebel and support Dustin “Dogman” Bowerman on October 16. The players announced this move on their social media accounts. They are now free agents and continue to find a new in the league.

Frd was signed to the Reign in the middle of the 2019 season and has been a crucial part of their roster. The D.va and Zarya mains, however, took a step back for their 2020 season with tanks Gator, Pokpo, and Hawk are all on the roster. Before joining the Tier 1 scene, the pro played for Contenders team Gladiators Legion. He has also played for pre-OWL teams, such as Last Night’s Leftover and Second Wind.

When the Atlanta Reign join the tournament in the second season, Dogman was included in their original roster. He has played a vital part in the team’s support role and has played alongside other pros such as dafran and babybay. The 22-year old gained popularity among viewers with his charming interviews, trash-talking, and occasional guest analyst on the desk.

Dogman has been a member of the Reign since early 2019 and was a part of the team’s debut in the Overwatch League. Charismatic and outspoken, Dogman has gained attention in the league thanks to his trash talk and appearances as a guest analyst and caster. He announces on his Twitter account, “Ladies and Gents, my contract with the Reign is expiring, so that means I’m a free AGENT soon. Exploring all options!”

Before the Reign’s debut, Dogman was already playing for the team’s Contenders team, the ATL Academy. He has been playing the eSports for a long time, as well, dating back to 2016. His former teams include Kungarna, Toronto Esports, and Last Night’s Leftovers. Though it is saddening to see a Reign posting their free agency, it does not necessarily mean closing their doors for a potential re-sign. For Overwatch fans, the more daunting thought is for these players to be “exploring all options,” such as in other FPS games.

With the OWL break, almost all franchise teams are looking to rebuild their lineup and strengthen their 2021 campaign. The goal is simple: put together a team that can go toe to toe with the defending two-time champions, the San Francisco Shock.