Overwatch League’s Seoul Dynasty Announces Roster Update, Likely Blew Signing Budget On Profit and Gesture Signing

Overwatch League’s Seoul Dynasty Announces Roster Update, Likely Blew Signing Budget On Profit and Gesture Signing
Credit: Seoul Dynasty via YouTube

Seoul Dynasty just announced via Twitter both their coaching staff and support line for the upcoming Overwatch League 2020 Season, and it leaves some scratching their heads in terms of where Seoul’s budget was spent this transfer window.  This isn’t to say that their current line-up isn’t fantastic; with Profit and Gesture alone, Seoul Dynasty is already a massive contender for the upcoming season, and one that other teams would be wise to watch closely.

Seoul re-signed support Jinmo ‘Tobi’ Yang, and signed Youngwan ‘Creative’ Kim on a call-up from Gen.G Contenders.  ‘Tobi’ isn’t necessarily a poor player, but when matched with the tier that ‘Profit’ and ‘Gesture’ readily play on, it seems to leave a bit to be desired.  A possible full superstar roster is apparently now beyond the reach of Seoul, possibly because they’ve spent such a massive amount of their signing budget on the two superstars.

The re-signing of Tobi, with calling up Creative, more than likely was a budget choice for the Dynasty; Creative wasn’t necessarily a top-five flex support within the contenders league, and Tobi also failed to have massive plays across both seasons of Overwatch League.  The support line is easily judged as stable, yet not impressive.

The Dynasty also have announced their coaching line, consisting of Changgeun ‘Changgoon’ Park as the head coach, and Seongwon ‘MMA’ Mun as the assistant coach for the Seoul-based team.  ‘Changgoon’ was the coach for SeoulDynasty in Season 2, and in Season 1 brought the London Spitfire to the 1st place in the championship finals.  Worth noting that Seoul failed to achieve any major win in the second season under command of ‘Changgoon’, although that could change with Profit and Gesture.

‘MMA’ is coming from coaching Gen.G Contenders, where they reached top five consistently under his leadership; this may prove his chance to break into the big leagues if he can help ‘Changgoon’ in guiding the Dynasty towards a season championship, in a season where the administration could easily carry teams.  Ensuring that visa statuses maintain player eligibility, thus allowing teams to field their full teams across the season.  Poor management in this upcoming season could cost many teams otherwise easily-won matches, resulting in some fans airing their concerns over Twitter.

To be clear, the Seoul Dynasty isn’t exactly showing a horrendous hand at the moment; depending on who they elect to off-tank, and their other DPS selection, they have a decent-enough team that they may be able to challenge others with.  They simply aren’t displaying the homerun superstar roster that many were hoping for when their first signing announcement was made.