Overwatch and Good Smile Company Team Up For Figma D.Va: Academy Skin

Overwatch and Good Smile Company Team Up For Figma D.Va: Academy Skin
Credit: Good Smile Company Website

Good Smile Company has announced its second D.Va themed Figma figure. The popular Overwatch character was previously released as the fifth Figma to join the series.

D.Va: Academy Skin is the newest figure joining the Figma line. Similar to other releases, the figure is highly posable to recreate scenes from the series. Flexible plastic is used in some portions of the figure to retain the figure’s proportions but keeping it posable. The small details were also carefully painted to retain D.Va’s notable features and make the figure as accurate as possible.

D.Va is packaged with multiple accessories and facial expressions. She comes with three changeable face plates including a standard smile, smile with closed eyes, and a serious facial expression. Additional accessories include her Light Gun, smartphone, and a bag of chips. The figure comes with additional hand parts to hold as many, or as little, accessories as buyers want.

D.Va can pull off even more moves with a clear stand. The stand is placed in the back of the figure to allow D.Va to pull off various mid-air poses.

Good Smile Company’s Figma series contains intricate paintwork to recreate characters as closely as possible in a 3D physical form.

The company previously released D.Va as a smaller, cuter Nendoroid figure in 2018. Most of the figure releases from the company have been of D.Va in her classic suit.

Overwatch first released the D.Va: Academy Skin during last year’s Overwatch 3rd Anniversary celebration. The character was given a school uniform, while her mech received a matching pink and white design with gold trim.

According to Overwatch Concept Artist David Kang in a PrimaGames interview, the design was based on D.Va’s history:

We ultimately decided to tie it to the idea of D.Va being a pro gamer in high school. Her mech would be the mech she uses in the game she plays professionally.

Those who want to add D.Va: Academy Skin to their shelves can preorder her now. Good Smile Company has a number of authorized sellers around North America. At this time, it’s not suggested to preorder in Japan because the country has restricted sending packages internationally to many countries.

The preorder for D.Va: Academy Skin runs until October 15. The expected release date is May 2021.