Overcooked 2 Is Getting More DLC On October 1st

Overcooked 2 Is Getting More DLC On October 1st
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Overcooked 2 has been a tremendous success as a cooking simulator. A lot of times, simulation games take themselves too seriously. That’s not the case with this title.

The developer — Team17 — created a casual yet addicting experience to cooking food. Players get to become little chefs forced into all kinds of crazy scenarios. The challenges constantly vary and that keeps players on their toes around charming kitchens.

If you haven’t had the chance to play Overcooked 2, it really is a fun experience. That is particularly true when going at these kitchens with a partner in co-op mode. And for those that are privy to the absolute delight of cooking in high-pressure situations, you’ll be happy to know more DLC content is on the way.

This has happened quite frequently with this game. Just as players think they’ve cooked and experienced it all, there are new challenges to complete and themed content to look forward to.

The next DLC will be available on October 1st, according to a Tweet from the game’s official Twitter page. The update will be seasonal to get everyone in the mood for fall and is coming to all platforms.

In the Tweet, we see pink leaves falling down, Chinese decorations in the background, and some sort of broth or soup in some bowls. That’s pretty much all of the details that have been revealed up to this point.

That’s not such a bad thing considering October 1st is just a couple of days away. The main takeaway here seems to be some sort of oriental theme, which looks to be introducing the Autumn season in style. It’s also great to see that this DLC is once again free.

Overcooked 2 players have had so much free content to enjoy since the game released a couple of years ago. That keeps the game’s momentum going strong and it will continue to be a fan-favorite heading into 2021.

The game just gets so many things right with this genre. The challenges are always varied, there is tension in the kitchen trying to multi-task, and the co-op is a great way to have social experiences in the kitchen. Even if you don’t fancy yourself a chef, this game lets you enjoy this profession in a chaotic and fun way.

And it doesn’t look like the DLC will stop any time soon. Overcooked 2 is fun and it just keeps getting better. That’s all you could ask for.