Orangepixel Announces Multiple Games Coming Soon On The Nintendo Switch

Orangepixel Announces Multiple Games Coming Soon On The Nintendo Switch
Credit: Orangepixel via YouTube

Orangepixel, a one-person development company, has announced plans to release a dozen games onto the Nintendo Switch. The indie developer first launched Meganoid and plans to release more titles from its library in the upcoming weeks.

Orangepixel was first founded in 2004 and has released games for PC, mobile, and consoles like the 3DS and PlayStation Vita. The games cover a diverse range of genres and use high-quality pixel art graphics.

The first title from Orangepixel to launch on the Nintendo Switch was Meganoid. The game is a procedurally generated platformer inspired by Spelunky. The sci-fi game combines Roguelite gameplay with platforming action. All of the game sessions are unique with perma-unlockable items.

The other titles coming soon have not yet been revealed by Orangepixel. The developer has created several games throughout the decades, so it’s unknown if their full library will be available on the Nintendo Switch or only a few chosen titles.

Orangepixel has confirmed Gunslugs, Heroes of Loot, and Space Grunts series will also launch on the Nintendo Switch. Gunslugs has three versions: the original, a sequel, and Rogue Tactics. The game is an action game with Roguelite elements, such as permadeath. Players can also unlock additional heroes, Donkey Kong-style levels, and more. The game sets its heroes in a battle against the Black Duck Army to close the gates of Hell.

Heroes of Loot was first launched in 2013. The title is a mixture of dungeon crawler and shoot-em-up action. The dungeon learns the player’s actions and will become a more difficult experience with each playthrough. Players can choose from multiple characters. A sequel was released in April 2016.

Space Grunts first launched in May 2015. The game combines arcade action with turn-based gameplay. The player is tasked with investigating a distress signal from a moon base build by the Earth Space Federation. A sequel was released last year but contained turn-based card battling gameplay.

It’s unknown when the three additional titles will join Meganoid on the Nintendo Switch. Those who want to learn about which games will be added next to the console can follow Orangepixel on social media for more information.

Meganoid, the first of many Orangepixel titles, is available now on the Nintendo Switch.