Open-World RPG Game, Disco Elysium Writer Intends To Lead The Youth Astray With Videogame Release

Open-World RPG Game, Disco Elysium Writer Intends To Lead The Youth Astray With Videogame Release
Credit: Disco Elysium via YouTube

Newly released open-world RPG game, Disco Elysium, gives plenty of credits to various RPG classics, including Planescape: Torment for its development and gameplay characteristics. The game was written and designed by Robert Kurvitz, who says the narrative possibilities of today’s gaming market is much more exciting.

Along with his statement, he also adds that it’s still possible to influence and “corrupt” the younger generations with games. Kurvitz states that nowadays, the limitation of games is not so much from what you gain when making a hit.

He references this with a statement from Issue #339, which states that there are limitless territories to conquer and set out in a small way that can change history a bit. The account is full of allegory, including references to giants, and how fighting for that small territory can be worth a lot.

During the interview, the writer and game designer also states that the game is more than just being a novel. And because written words can be inconsequential, it’s hard to find someone who gets mad about a storyline. In other words, stories can be spread from one language and transcribed to another. This can help spread a writer’s word and lead the younger generations astray.

How Robert Kurvitz put his description of the game into words can be evident at the finished product he is so proud of. In fact, the game has garnered a lot of followers and is being considered as one of the year’s best RPG game based on scores given by players.

The Disco Elysium game is published by AZ/UM and is available on the Windows, Xbox One, and PS4 platforms. Take note that the game is dialogue-heavy, and there are a lot of conversations involved with the game.

Players, though, are presented with isometric perspective gameplay where they control the central character and the outcome of the story. In so far as the storyline goes, Disco Elysium is a detective-based game where they solve a murder case.

The central character faces a series of obstacles, including a personal discord of alcohol-induced amnesia. Overall, the game has a dark enigma, which can really be influential on a person’s character and behavior.

Disco Elysium offers good gameplay. Yet, it might not be advisable for underaged players as there are many dark cut scenes and the storyline might be a little too overbearing for teens.