Bake ‘N Switch Won Game Of The Year During The Reboot Develop Red Event, Won Awards For Visual Excellence And Outstanding Gameplay

Bake ‘N Switch Won Game Of The Year During The Reboot Develop Red Event, Won Awards For Visual Excellence And Outstanding Gameplay
Credit: Streamline via Youtube

Bake ‘n Switch is an adorable indie game created by Streamline Games. It is a couch co-op and PVP game about sacrificing adorable dough creatures to the Guardians of Dough. You work with up to four other plays as you try to appease the guardians, or sabotage each other to punch, combine, and bake the dough before the timer runs out.

The game comes with four different modes of play, each revolving around these dough shaped creatures. They are simultaneously cute and creepy as you watch them waddle around before eventually becoming bread in the sacred ovens.

Bake ‘n Switch might only be in Early Access, but during Reboot Develop Red, the game won three out of five Indie Awards. This game also showed up at LevelUp in Kuala Lumpur as a finalist in the SEA Game Awards 2019. Even before its release, it is receiving the much-needed recognition bringing creepy smiles to the adorable dough creature’s faces.

The game’s action revolves around party-based play where players combine the dough creatures together and bake them in the oven. They are then used to fend off Stickies, Spores, and Mouldies, which are coming to destroy the island paradise. These creatures are part of an evil force known simply as The Scourge.

The game lets you collect special powerups to fend off the Scourge, including Freeze, Electrify, Magnet, and Solar Palm. If you are not using the bread, you can always punch the enemy into submission using the same baking powers that have kept you alive this far.

There are four bakers planned for the Early Access launch. Ginger, Parsely, Thyme, and Rosemary are included with more to be added throughout the Early Access experience. This will change each level and cause more and more co-op and PVP chaos for your small baking island.

Updates will roll out for Bake ‘n Switch during the Early Access phase. This will last several months until launch and are completely dependant upon player feedback and experiences. The game is quickly shaping into a bakable finish which is sure to be a delightfully fluffy treat once released in full.

You can find more information in the Steam Store or on Discord. The developers also have an active Youtube channel and website to keep you up to date on all the doughy goodness headed your way. So prepare to defend or punch the dough and bake your victory into perfection.