One Of Stan Lee’s Great Legacy Might Be Teaching The Marvel Avengers Dev Team How To Tell Great Stories

One Of Stan Lee’s Great Legacy Might Be Teaching The Marvel Avengers Dev Team How To Tell Great Stories
Credit: Marvel Entertainment via YouTube

Part of the reason why Stan Lee’s comics made it to history was his ability to tell great stories. And with death anniversary past approaching, we are reminded how a wonderful storyteller he was.

Stan “The Man” Lee might have gone to our creator, but he was also instrumental to the studio behind the forthcoming game Marvel’s Avengers. The game is bidding to create an original story just as how Stan Lee would have made it.

Crystal Dynamics studio head, Scot Amos, was emotional when the discussion about the unique philosophy of the legendary comic book producer was brought to light. He also stresses how his influence was pivotal in the making of Marvel’s Avengers.

Amos started his story when he and a team of Crystal Dynamic game developers and designers got a chance to meet Stan Lee before his death. They were not only able to ask for directions on how to go about with the Marvel’s Avengers game, but he sort of became their guide to how it would have been initiated in his hands.

The executive describes the comic-book genius as “complicated,” and that he adored his characters. The team was also able to ask Stan Lee what his characterizations would be like and what he wanted the team to do.

The team did not go out without preparing as they were able to gather questions from fans and even from adjutant members of the Marvel team. Without stating the obvious, Amos and the Marvel’s Avengers team met the legendary comic book creator with a deep sense of purpose on how to make the game as authentic as possible.

He also described the whole process and Stan Lee’s influence as more philosophical because of how his visions affected the outcome of the game. More or less, Crystal Dynamics also added its own brand and company stamp during the development phase.

Albeit, Stan Lee developed his entire comic book genre because of his passions to bring the characters to life and enjoy them. Stan Lee made in imprint to the team because of his precept that a comic book can be someone else’s first.

Being able to relate to the characters was what Stan Lee brought us with his comic book characters. This is what Marvel’s Avengers try to relive. In a sense, this upcoming game from Crystal Dynamics is a homage to the greatness of the only one who single-handedly brought “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” close to everyone’s hearts.