Oddworld: Soulstorm Shows Off A Brief Teaser; Features A Fun Train Chase

Oddworld: Soulstorm Shows Off A Brief Teaser; Features A Fun Train Chase
Credit: BagoGames via Flickr (license)

The Oddworld franchise has been one of those classic series that many fans view fondly. The original released so long ago back in the 90s on the first ever PlayStation. Back then, the game was a huge hit. It featured an amazing platform design for the time and one of the most beloved characters in the video game industry, Abe.

There has been a total of five Oddworld games released over the years on various titles, all of which were pretty successful. We’re now approaching the sixth installment in the series, which is called Oddworld: Soulstorm. Not much information has come out about this latest game, except that it will take place right after the events in Oddworld: New n Tasty.

Fortunately, Oddworld Inhabitants recently showed off some footage of this highly anticipated title. In it, we get a quick look at what’s to come. It starts off featuring a desolate desert, with a train traveling at full speed trying to escape some enemies on helicopter-like machines.

We see two protagonists trying to make the train go faster and then realize they’re at the end of the line. The clip then abruptly ends with the game’s title name. Not a lot of details are provided in this short clip, but we do see what graphical direction the developers are going in.

The characters seem beautifully rendered, as does the environment that they’re surrounded in. These beautiful graphics can be attributed to the Unit game engine that the developers are working with. It seems extremely powerful and should lead to some great cinematic experiences in this upcoming title.

If you’re new to the Oddworld series, you can expect a light-hearted tone throughout. The characters are very intriguing and the whimsical environments will have you immersed from the very beginning. It will be interesting to see what direction Oddworld Inhabitants decides to take this sixth entry in. Hopefully, they can build off of the success of Oddworld: New n Tasty. It was a great game with some pretty unique visuals.

Abe, the main protagonist in these games, has the opportunity to become a hero amongst his fellow Mudokons. That’s where this game seems to be picking up. It’s a great story with even better visuals. Hopefully, we can see some actual game footage in the next few months. Still, the early graphics look amazing and should showcase all of the wonderful things about Abe and his unique world.