Octonaut Is A Quest To Save All of Humanity On Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, And PlayStation 4

Octonaut Is A Quest To Save All of Humanity On Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, And PlayStation 4
Credit: Kinduci Games via Youtube

Octonaut is an interesting indie title from eastasiasoft game that sends a small octopus on an epic adventure to save all of humanity. This title is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, making it a cross-platform platformer that will inspire and enchant players.

This title takes players to a strange world that is on the brink of disaster. Humanity needs a hero that fights back against invading forces. Enter a unique retro shoot ’em up that is ready to bring back some 16-bit fun.

Travel through an adventure full of power-ups that will help you through each of the unique stages. Take on expansive stages that will test your skills at shoot ’em up action.

The normal mode will allow players to start with 1000 shields and three lives. If you don’t take damage, your shields will recover. This is the standard version of the game that offers a unique challenge while not being overbearing in its difficulty.

If players want a more stressful experience there is always Panic Mode available. This mode will offer players a shield power-up with no HP. Two hits and you die, that is the challenge awaiting thrill-seeking fans.

You are humanity’s last hope against an alien invasion. Shoot and dodge through eight separate levels each with their own unique bosses. Defeat your enemies and defend the planet as a unique octopus inspired hero.

This retro title allows players access to a classic experience that most modern games seem to lack. With a simple story mixed ontop of a creative twist in the genre, classic game fans are sure to embrace this title with open arms.

Once you have mastered the games mechanics and challenges you can create your own levels using the Custom Mode. Change the max shield, number of lives, weapons, starting level, and other details. Everything is under your control in a more relaxed environment.

For even more relaxation enjoy the unique Assist mode which will reduce all damage by half. This will market her name a breeze to travel through while keeping the story at the forefront of the game.

Octonaut is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Interested fans can find the game for $5.99. Enter a world full of danger and protect humanity with all eight limbs still in one piece. This is a recipe for a fun one-of-a-kind adventure that is sure to be loved by all retro fans.