North America Cloud 9’s ADC Zven Has Reached Top 5 In Solo Queue On Two Accounts

North America Cloud 9’s ADC Zven Has Reached Top 5 In Solo Queue On Two Accounts
Credit: LoL Esports VODs and Highlights

After helping Cloud9 win their first LCS championship since 2014 earlier this year, star AD carry Zven is continuing his dominance on Summoner’s Rift in preparation for the 2020 Summer Split. The veteran recently claimed both rank one and four on the North American League of Legends servers.

The 22-year-old captured the top rank in the region by going on an impressive 10-game win streak. He also won 21 of his last 30 games on his rank one account, with many of his victories coming from his Kalista. In fact, he has a 76-percent win rate with the champion this season.

Meanwhile, his rank four account has slightly lower—but still impressive—numbers. His Kalista, Miss Fortune, and Cassiopeia all share a 65-percent win rate this season and he has a 63-percent win rate over his past 30 games.

At the time of Zven’s post, his other account was rank three in the region. But he’s already been overtaken by Team Liquid’s new starting marksman, Edward “Tactical” Ra. The 19-year-old has always been a solo queue star and was rewarded for his hard work with a promotion to the main team after the departure of superstar Doublelift.

Zven will aim to help C9 defend their crown when the new season begins. Last split, his team dominated the league in ways that we’ve never seen before from lane control to late-game team fighting.

In the last two years, Zven was considered to be one of Team SoloMid’s “problems.” The team had high expectations this season, but with the additions of Zven and support Alfonso “Mithy” Rodriguez, they narrowly missed Worlds for the first time in history. Zven took a large part of the blame, despite many contributing factors.

For the current year, Zven has decided to depart ways with Team Solo Mid and look for new opportunities. He did not reveal his options but in the end, he controversially replaced ADC Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi in the bot lane—the last remaining original member of C9. The fans were rightly suspicious of the roster swap, but it seems to have worked out in the end.

After Cloud 9 lost two key members in Sneaky and Svenskeren, fans were doubting wherever they would be able to perform to their previous year’s strengths, but as the current results show it has not been an issue and the team managed to adapt to the new players without hassle.

Zven alongside Vulcan, the ex-Clutch Gaming support has been stomping most bot lanes in the League, their synergy is unmatched and hard work was put during the off-season by the coaching staff to create this cohesive roster. Vulcan was another great acquisition by the staff of Cloud 9 who seems to have an eagle eye for talent eager to prove themselves.

You can watch C9 in action during the 2020 LCS Summer Split, which has begun on June 12.