No Trading Cards And Internal Forum For Epic Games Store Says Epic Boss Tim Sweeney

No Trading Cards And Internal Forum For Epic Games Store Says Epic Boss Tim Sweeney
Credit: Epic Games

Epic Games’ big boss just said that Epic store won’t be maintaining trading cards and internal forum.

Tim Sweeney heads back to Twitter to address fans and gamers’ questions.

Firstly, he discussed the future and current state of the entire Epic Games Store. Some of his answers and responses to the questions raised were discussed in the store’s development roadmap released last month. Also, he touched and entertained questions related to new store features and some which aren’t be coming to Epic store.

According to Sweeney, they are not planning on developing a metagame that’ll start game trading. He also emphasized that this is not part of Epic Games store’s direction. Achievements and gifting are included in their roadmap, though.

He also said that they already launched a ticketing system to support online ticketing service developers. Here, players can choose and use all games available all across different platforms and stores.

He also tweeted that Epic is also not planning on hosting game forum belonging to third parties. Sweeney, however, encouraged to link their store pages to the independent forum just like Reddit. For Fortnite, he said he’s encouraging the use of a certain forum like FortniteBR/r/ For him, forums which are independent of platforms and stores are ideal.

Sweeney also talked about a planned overlay. He said that this plan is part of their roadmap, under the category “midterm.” He also stated that Epic is generally fine with games that are rated with M. Though he didn’t commit on allowing games with Adult Only content available on their storefront.

Specifically, he mentioned that they clearly want to show the ratings of the games. This is for the purpose of allowing their customers to understand what they’re buying. Sweeney also made a clarification on the Mac and PC versions of different games. He said that when buying any of these on their store will give players access to both versions. This is very similar to Steam.

Lastly, the Epic boss restated their commitment to keeping the 88 percent cut they offer to developers on their store. He said that the same cut will be maintained even if their support and features expand. Even if achievement and cloud save expand further, Sweeney assured that no increase on the cut will be implemented.

Among the latest tweets from Sweeney were made a week later. This time, he criticized the conspiracy theories on clients’ spyware and their connection to the Chinese government.