Nintendo Wii Repair Deadline Ends Early Due To Number Of Requests

Nintendo Wii Repair Deadline Ends Early Due To Number Of Requests
Credit: Nintendo Wii Website

The Nintendo Wii was released in December 2006. Since then, the WiiU and Nintendo Switch were released years later. Nintendo is now focusing on the newest console, the Nintendo Switch.

Recently, the Nintendo Wii has been running into repair issues. Nintendo announced on its support website that it was becoming increasingly harder for the company to obtain repair parts. They planned to shut down the repair service at the end of March.

Players with a Nintendo Wii were urged to send in their consoles, part RVL-001 in all colors, for repair before this date if they wanted it repaired. Nintendo planned on setting a deadline for March 20, 2020, but plans have changed.

Due to the number of repair requests flooding in, Nintendo has ended the acceptance of new repairs immediately. The notice was posted on Nintendo’s support website on February 7.

The statement says, “After the notice regarding the end of Wii repairs, we received requests that far exceeded our expectations. The inventory of parts needed for repairs was no longer as estimated. For this reason, we have terminated repair requests on February 6. It will be over one month earlier than the scheduled end date announcement. We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers, but we appreciate your understanding.”

As for Wii accessories, Nintendo will stop accepting repair requests until they run out of parts.

Nintendo has not announced any information about which issues gamers are experiencing with the Nintendo Wii the most. The repair services cover all types of issues with the console, including any additional Wii accessories.

Nintendo has long been phasing out the Nintendo Wii. Support has already ended for the console. Publishers and developers have also opted to slowly stop releasing new games for the console in favor of the newest console, the Nintendo Switch. With the high demand for repairs, it shows how many gamers still love the Wii, no matter which new consoles Nintendo releases.

Unfortunately for Nintendo Wii owners, who thought they would have more time to send in their consoles, the repair window is over. They can no longer send in their device into Nintendo for official repair services. It is unlikely that Nintendo will re-open repair requests because they have exceeded the number of Nintendo Wii parts that were available.