Nintendo Switch Multi-Game Sharing Becoming A Huge Pain For Many Users Because Of Authentication Requirements

Nintendo Switch Multi-Game Sharing Becoming A Huge Pain For Many Users Because Of Authentication Requirements
Credit: My Mate VINCE via YouTube

Nintendo had a decent following during its release this year. But many players are finding the multi-game sharing features becoming a problem. A household with several Switch players can set up one of the consoles as the primary, giving you the ability to play games offline.

However, playing digital titles on other consoles need an internet connection, and it annoyingly should be authenticated after every three hours. Additionally, what’s even worse is that the console won’t allow you to play any other titles except the titles on the original account.

This will be a big problem for a household where the parent controls digital games purchase, to say the least. Nonetheless, Nintendo is just following after the systems used by Sony and tech giant, Microsoft. The only problem is that the Switch console is meant to be a portable gaming device.

Another considerable problem Nintendo console players face is when creating a primary system. This means their original Switch has to be parked somewhere in the house without use. If multiple members are using the handheld, they will not be able to use their own accounts. This also poses a big problem with managing games that are saved initially on the primary consideration.

Also, creating a primary user on a new Nintendo device means you have to restart your progress for games that do not support cloud saves. Many Nintendo Switch users are also finding it hard to trade game progress between systems.

Many Nintendo fanatics still enjoy the new Switch console, but the problem of the 3-hour authentication rule is becoming annoying. An authentication a day should be enough to allow a multiple user pass to playing games. Authentication in the morning should enable handheld users to play the whole day without being bugged for identifications.

Nintendo should also allow secondary system users to play any digital titles. And the one-account limit should also be removed considering there is an online check with the secondary account. The company also has several options, like creating a higher account level for a better price.

This account though, would have more lenient sharing options and allow users to take control of their own accounts. The current Nintendo system is a little pricey for the $35 annual plan with its limitations and primary-user restricted access.

It might be worth considering for Nintendo to offer more flexibility to their account holders given that many are already annoyed by their restrictive game access.