Nintendo Switch Lightens Up With A New Console Coming This Fall

Nintendo Switch Lightens Up With A New Console Coming This Fall
Credit: Nintendo

A while back, rumors were flying around about a new version of the Nintendo Switch console. At the time, there was no real confirmation for it, and Nintendo was keeping rather tight-lipped about it.

Every theory from ‘Switch Vita’ (as bizarre as that sounded) to ‘Nintendo Switch 2’ was flying, and only recently has Nintendo put those rumors to rest with a showcase of their new project, the Nintendo Switch Lite.

You might remember that when Nintendo first released the Nintendo DS, it was a rather bulky system. When its own Lite Version came out, it was slimmer, brighter, more powerful, and though it could still play both DS games and Game Boy Advance games, Game Boy Advance games stuck out from the bottom slightly due to the system’s smaller size.

The Nintendo Switch Lite seems to be following a somewhat similar trend. Smaller than its forebearer, the Switch Lite loses much of the features the original did in favor of greater portability and more focus on handheld play.

The Joy-Cons are fused to the system, meaning it can’t connect to a TV or separate. The D-pad has been changed, and gone are the HD rumble features and the motion control.

As stated above in the trailer, this means that some games will require additional Joy-Cons to use, and will require some looking into for games to make sure they can work on the Switch Lite (though it’s currently unclear what this means for games that use motion control as more add-ons than necessity). It also comes in three colors; grey, yellow, and turquoise

Truthfully, it’s not the worst decision Nintendo could make, and a fanbase always appreciates options and more ways to play.

Nintendo tries their best to appeal to as many people as possible, as shown from the 2DS before, and it’s a trend they’re clearly intent on continuing.

For those who are so on-the-go that TV mode has little to no appeal to them, the smaller Lite could be right up their alley.

The console is slated for release September 20, 2019, at a 199.99$ price tag. What are your thoughts on this new venture from Nintendo? Share them below, and until next time, stay and play savvy, gamers.