Nintendo Switch Gets The Next Chapter In Luigi’s Mansion, Full Of Fun Ghost Hunting Action

Nintendo Switch Gets The Next Chapter In Luigi’s Mansion, Full Of Fun Ghost Hunting Action
Credit: Nintendo

At E3 this year Nintendo revealed the 3rd game in the Luigi’s Mansion series. Although it was not the main focus of Nintendo’s E3 demos, it gathered a lot of attention from fans happy to see a continuation of this wholesome series. To everyone’s surprise, the game seems to focus on a reoccurring character named Gooigi. He is Luigi, made of green goo, and yes he makes sticky noises as he walks around the mansion.

The demo available lets you play a good section of the game as the main character Luigi but to solve many of the puzzle scenarios you must work together with Gooigi. Luigi can swim and his partner can not, but Gooigi is immune to spikes where Luigi is sure to be skewered. You can swap back and forth or do a local co-op game as you travel through Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Our hero returns with new tricks up his sleeve including a plunger attack that lets you plunger onto a ghost or an object and yanks it around. The move looks satisfying, and many feel that it will have a continued effect throughout the full game. It gives Luigi the goofy character edge he needs that his brother doesn’t pull off as well.

It is too early to tell if this game will be good, but everyone at E3 seemed to have a fun time playing the game and defeating the fortified jousting boss. As per usual Luigi is bringing back his favorite ghost-catching machine, a glorified vacuum cleaner, and will be striving to rid his house of all the nasty ghosts.

In a world filled with first-person shooters and RPGs, it is good to see the return of classic platforming characters such as Luigi and his brother. They bring an almost grounded feeling to the overall effect of the E3 conference and reminds us that Nintendo still has a way to make the brother reappear.

The story for Luigi’s Mansion3 brings Luigi to a hotel where he believes he is going to be staying alongside his friends Mario, Peach and the rest of the cast. Sadly this is not the case as the hotel is not quite what it seems and things take a dark turn when he arrives for his stay. Many ghost guests are refusing to check out, and Luigi must help remove them for his inevitable vacation.

The game will, of course, be a Nintendo Switch exclusive and will be available sometime next year.