Nintendo Pens In The Next Pokemon Sword And Shield Direct For 1/9/2019 – What’s Next For Pokemon?

Nintendo Pens In The Next Pokemon Sword And Shield Direct For 1/9/2019 – What’s Next For Pokemon?
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Pokemon Sword and Shield have yet to receive a meaningful update since the games were released at the end of last year. Datamine leaks suggest there are over 30 Pokemon that are yet to be added to the Galar region, although this Pokemon direct could also focus on Detective Pikachu 2, Pokemon Sleep, and much more.

Various shiny raids and content drops have kept the world of Pokemon Sword and Shield fresh over the last few months, though fans will be looking forward to any hints from this Pokemon Direct on Thursday, January 9th. Beyond Pokemon Sword and Shield, there could much more to learn about what’s next for Pokemon. Here’s a quick rundown of the leaks, rumors and confirmed Pokemon games on their way.

It’s not just Pokemon Sword and Shield which this short direct might cover. Last year Nintendo released info on some big upcoming projects, including the bizarre Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Home, among other game teasers.

First up, Pokemon Sleep. This is an upcoming Pokemon mobile game which essentially tracks your sleeping pattern and levels your Pokemon as you sleep. It’s under development from NIANTIC, the team that created Pokemon Go, and Select Button. You’ll also need a Pokemon Go+ accessory. There’s not much else known about the game and this direct could briefly cover some more details.

Pokemon Home is the upcoming cloud-based service which connects your devices and Pokemon worlds. It’s confirmed that Pokemon Home will be compatible with modern Pokemon games, including Pokemon Go and Sword and Shield. There might be some more details coming up – such as an official release date – in this Direct.

Next up, Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC. Whether this is new Pokemon or added events or parts of the world, there’s no way of knowing for sure, and so far fans can only theorise about what’s next for Game Freak’s newest title.

Lastly, the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remastered/remake versions which were teased last year. As just a rumor it’s hard to say for sure whether there’ll be any information about the Diamond and Pearl remakes, but leaks do suggest that this concept is in the works over at Game Freak.

You can tune in to the Pokemon direct this Thursday, January 9th, for 20 minutes of Pokemon details.