Ninja And Mark Hamill Teases New Fortnite Content, Announcement On December 19

Ninja And Mark Hamill Teases New Fortnite Content, Announcement On December 19
Credit: Ninja

Now that Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is exclusively streaming to Mixer, he is expected to bring great things for the new kid on the block for streaming. These responsibilities are to bring in streamers, viewers, and, occasionally, promote Microsoft products and partnerships. Announced on December 19 via the Fortnite star’s Twitter, Blevins and Luke Skywalker actor will team up to market new content for the battle royale game.

Four months after his move to Mixer, Ninja posts on his Twitter a video of him and Mark Hamill. “What’s up, everyone? I’m here with a very special guest, Mark Hamill, and we are gonna show you guys a brand-new Fortnite content,” said the 28-year old professional streamer. The video then cuts to a clip of him and the Star Wars star playing, perhaps, the new content.

Considering December 19 is just three days away, fans of the game and the movie franchise will not wait for very long to find out what new content players will indulge. It is expected, of course, that it will be in connection with Star Wars.

With Ninja’s tweet, Xbox’s Twitter page is tagged along with #XboxPartner. Both Xbox and Mixer are Microsoft products.

Recently, Fortnite has been exciting a lot of Star Wars-related content. Back in November, Epic Games added a stormtrooper skin for its in-game content. Just this week, the game developer also added Rey, Finn, and a new Sith trooper from the Rise of Skywalker for skins.

Fortnite also held a Star Wars event where they showed an exclusive clip for the Rise of Skywalker and a digital appearance of J.J. Abrams, the famous director of the franchise. Following this event, lightsabers and blasters are also available in the in-game crates.

It can be noted that a new Star Wars movie will release theatrically in the United States on December 20 in time for Christmas. This film will be Episode IX for the franchise after the Force awakened back in 2015. Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher of the original trilogy are expected to return for this year’s movie along with huge Hollywood names such as Lupita Nyong’o and Richard E. Grant.

Even though Hollywood advertisement is surprising for a video game, Fortnite is the perfect place to do so. The battle royale game has over 250 million registered accounts and is continually topping Twitch, Mixer, and other streaming platforms. Whether this trend will continue is yet to be predicted.

Ninja is the #1 streamer of Mixer, at the moment, possessing 2.3 million subscribers, though this is nowhere near yet his 14 million over at Twitch. Interestingly, Mixer’s streamed content has nearly tripled since the Illinois-born streamer moved, but the hours watched have lowered comparing July and September. Blevins cannot solely be blamed for this. Doron Nir, StreamElements CEO, weighed in on Ninja’s move. “One thing worth noting about Mixer’s signing of Ninja is that regardless of his impact on hours watched, it was a smart move to promote the Mixer brand, especially with Ninja doing extensive interviews about it.”