Final Fantasy XIV Celebrates Over 18 Million Registered Player Milestone

Final Fantasy XIV Celebrates Over 18 Million Registered Player Milestone
Credit: FFXIV Official Website

Final Fantasy XIV continues to roll out new content, including new expansions and holiday-themed events. Players keep coming back to the game while others are signing up in high numbers.

With the continued support of the game, Final Fantasy XIV recently celebrated a huge milestone: over 18 million registered players.

The announcement was made during a live stream that celebrated the new milestone.

Square Enix announced that it reached 14 million registered users in August 2018. This means that an estimated four million more players decided to try out the title in over a year. It’s not uncommon for a game to see a spike to the player-base when a new expansion is released, but this is quite a high number.

The numbers are for all registered users, whether they are currently active or not. Gamers interested in playing Final Fantasy XIV won’t have to worry about 18 million players playing at the same time.

During the live stream, Square Enix announced the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2020-2021, the details for the next free login campaign, plus some new upcoming merchandise like the Shadowbringers artbook The Art of Reflection: Histories Forsaken.

Square Enix doesn’t plan to sit back and rest yet. They also announced the next major patch for Stormbringers. “Echoes of a Fallen Star,” Patch 5.2, is the next major update that will include a variety of content. Players can enjoy new main scenario quests, a new trial to face The Ruby Weapon, Beast Tribe Quests, a new Dungeon, and job adjustments.

The exact date of the new patch has not yet been released. The new updated is expected around early 2020.

In one last announcement, Square Enix wants to bring dormant players back to the game. Until January 14th, players without a subscription can play five consecutive days of playtime for free (up to 120 hours). If players miss out because of holiday obligations, the game occasionally holds free login trials.

If players return now, there’s sure to be a large amount of content to enjoy within the allotted time frame. Square Enix likey hopes this will entice dormant players to return to the game for good.

The game has continued to be popular with gamers. It was awarded the PlayStation Blog’s Player’s Choice Award 2019 and Editor’s Choice.

Final Fantasy XIV is currently available for PC and PlayStation 4.