NHL 23’s Unveiling Teaser Was Followed By A Thorough Examination Of The Game’s Gameplay

NHL 23’s Unveiling Teaser Was Followed By A Thorough Examination Of The Game’s Gameplay
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In advance of its arrival in October, NHL 23 has received an unveil video. A gameplay video soon after that was released. A preview showcasing a variety of improvements and additions should give hockey reason to hope for the franchise’ near future.

The majority of sports simulators release their games once a year, which leaves so little time for them to genuinely get better between releases. Not much more than a game with new clubs and rosters that looks a little bit nicer. However, there must periodically be big adjustments, and NHL by EA seems like that moment.

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There have been significant adjustments made to the game’s AI, tactics, and—possibly most significantly—the inclusion of desperate maneuvers via Push Square.

These desperate plays open the trailer you see here, and for a good reason. When a competitor player body checks your player, you have one final opportunity to do something with the puck until you lose it since your guy usually stumbles and hits the ice.

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Instead of giving up control, try to pass it to a colleague or take a shot. Over 500 separate graphics were produced for NHL 23 using footage of real people recreating those knocks and falls.

Staying true to visuals, NHL 23 will feature over 300 new AI goalie animations in comparison to the previous game. Players under human control were the only ones who could view the animations before. As a result, AI goalies frequently made peculiar, occasionally absurd, choices.

With goalies being best placed and being more adept at tracking the ball, perhaps there will be a lot less of it in NHL 23.

The above-mentioned video also delves into pass assist and tactics, both of which EA concedes have been significantly enhanced as a result of user feedback. Techniques have been in desperate need of an upgrade for a number of years.