Thanks To An EA Access 10-Hour Trial, NHL 20 Is Now Available For PS4 And Xbox One Users

Thanks To An EA Access 10-Hour Trial, NHL 20 Is Now Available For PS4 And Xbox One Users
Credit: EA SPORTS NHL via YouTube

NHL 20 is one of the more anticipated sports games this year. The developers at EA Vancouver are giving the series a fresh coat of paint with innovative features and modes. If you’re looking to get your hands on a copy, the official release date is September 13, 2019. However, if you’re a member of EA Access, the publishers are giving you a 10-hour trial period that is currently available.

This trial period is available to both Xbox One and PS4 users. If you’re part of this memberships program, you might as well check out to see what’s new in the series. It’s crazy to think that this will be the 29th installment. The developers certainly know how to make an authentic hocking simulator.

This year, a new gameplay system is being introduced called RPM-Tech-powered gameplay with Superstar Signature Shots. The system gives the best players in the NHL signature moves that are identical to what they perform in real life. Thus, the developers are looking to make NHL 20 a realistic experience that true fans of hockey will appreciate. It looks like a smooth system and just goes to show how much effort EA Vancouver put into this game.

In terms of the RPM-Tech gameplay, it’s designed to ignite speed for players. For example, when a player shoots or passes, they don’t automatically lose speed. They’ll continue the pace they were pushing for a more streamlined hockey experience. The last major change as far as gameplay goes is goalie AI. It’s much more advanced in this game than previous versions. Every attack will be analyzed thoroughly by goalies and they’ll respond based on perceived threats.

Even the broadcasting has received a major upgrade. The play-by-play is much more diverse, along with in-depth color commentary. These details may sound subtle on the surface, but they should immerse you further into intense hockey matches and epic moments. EA Vancouver appears to be pulling out all of the stops to make NHL 20 the best hockey simulator ever.

Squad Battles is a new mode that you might remember if you ever played the FIFA soccer games. It lets you compete for rewards in offline battles. Every week, you’ll get to battle against a featured squad. The end game here is to build up a dream hockey team. It seems like a lot of fun that should give gamers a different experience compared to the traditional career mode.

You can test out all of these features and modes today by becoming an EA Access member if you’re not already.